10 Best Log Splitter Reviews
10 Best Log Splitter Reviews
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Powerhouse XM-380
Motor 3HP
Log Cutting Capacity
Distance: 15.7-inch
WEN 56207
Powerful 15A motor
Use the log splitter
Electric power
Boss Industrial ES7T20
Powerful 2HP motor
7 tons of splitting force
Automatic ram return
Southland SELS60
18-second cycle time
15Amp induction motor
Integrated stroke limiter
Goplus 6
1500W power
Waterproof Rate is IP 54
Insulation class is class B
PowerSmart PS90
Splitting force: 6 tons
Cycle time: 22 sec
Perfect for jobs
Boss Industrial ED10T20
Gas-like performance
Durable hydraulic system
Requires a 20Amp circuit
Powerhouse XM-580
Motor: 4HP
2900 Watts
Increases torque by 45%
1,500 watt electric motor
4 tons of RAM splitting force
NEW stronger packaging
Kindling Cracker Firewood
Splits firewood with less force
Made of high-quality cast iron
Virtually maintenance-free

As a professional gardener and owner of the best garden yard in the neighborhood (according to my wife), I don’t like to deal with the logs and big branches after cutting trees. That’s why I started to look for a special tool – log splitter – made to cut even the thickest branches left after a long gardening day.

Usually, I start with explaining the advantages of my gardening tools – but this time, I want to say about the serious drawback of any expert (not DYI) splitter for logs. On average, their price varies – $200 – $300. So, the choice must be very considered to avoid spending investments in vain. You ought to understand the pros and cons of every model before making a purchase. To save your time and money, my friends and I tested over 15 different log splitters and chose the top 10 models that are worth spending money.

Quick look: PoleSawGuide’s pick of top 5 best log splitters for gardeners

  • Powerhouse XM-380 – my overall decision based on such criteria as capacity, power of the motor and 15-inch distance;
  • WEN 56207 – this instrument has the most powerful engine (15 A);
  • Boss Industrial ES7T20 – its “splitting force” is amazing 7 tons, I couldn’t ignore such a distinctive feature;
  • Southland SELS60 – can boast 18-second cycle time and a stroke limiter;
  • Goplus 6 – is a very popular splitting appliance among my friends;

Surely, I have other 5 models if you didn’t find any good instrument for cutting logs. Or you may pick any other instrument in this category – just make sure that the asked cost is worth your investment. I’m very interested in your choice and experience with this quite new instrument in my collection of gardening instruments. By the way, be cautious while using one of the splitters at home – check the tutorial or hire a specialist!

Video Tutorial: Electric Log Splitter Stuck Quick Fix

My name is Jack and I cut branches in my garden very often. That’s why I created this site.

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  1. I used to always pay someone to come out and split logs for me. However, I recently invested in a log splitter of my own and it was by far the right move! I use it to stash my firewood pile and break down large logs from around my property. We lose trees regularly in storms.

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