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TrimmerPlus TPP720 Review

Are you searching for an effortless way to cut down trees? The TrimmerPlus TPP720 Pole Saw is your ideal solution! With this efficient tool, trimming branches and limbs can be achieved from the ground, saving you time and energy from having to climb a ladder. We will answer common questions about the TrimmerPlus TPP720. We will provide valuable tips on how to use this saw safely and effectively. If you’re considering buying a pole saw, be sure to check out our comprehensive review!

TrimmerPlus TPP720 It can be attached to most attachment-capable string trimmers, pole saws, or powerheads. This saw is equipped with an 8″ bar and chain, making it the perfect tool for slicing through branches up to 6″ in diameter. The ergonomic design of this saw ensures that it is comfortable and effortless to use, while the guard minimizes any kickback from the tool.


  • Gas Powered
  • Power 3.6 Kilowatts
  • Product Dimensions 38.75″L x 6.31″W x 5.44″H


The TrimmerPlus TPP720 is a powerful pole saw that can easily handle most branches and limbs. It has an 8″ bar and chain which makes it great for cutting up to 6″ diameter branches. Extend the shaft of your trimmer up to 10 feet, so you can trim trees from a safe distance – no ladder climbing required! This saw also has an ergonomic design which makes it comfortable and easy to use while the guard reduces kickback from the saw.


The TrimmerPlus TPP720 is a perfect tool for trimming and pruning trees. It comes with an 8″ bar and chain to cut branches up to 6″ in diameter. The extension shaft can reach up to 10 feet long.

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TrimmerPlus TPP720 Manual

Having problem? Download TrimmerPlus TPP720 instructions.

Pros & Cons of TrimmerPlus TPP720

  • 8″ bar and chain: logs of up to 4” in ⌀ can be easily sliced through
  • Adjustable extension
  • Automatic oiler
  • Compatibility

  • Not longlasting

Buyer’s Guide

What is a Pole Saw?

A pole saw is a gardening tool that allows you to trim and prune trees, shrubs, and hedges in hard-to-reach places. It’s like having an extra-long branch cutter or hedge trimmer.

Pole saws are made up of two components: the motor and the blade.

The motor powers the saw while the blades cut branches. The blades can be either manual or electric depending on the type of saw you choose.

What is a Pole Saw?

Pole saws are great for pruning trees with large limbs. They also come in handy when trying to shape your garden into a more aesthetic layout by trimming borders and pathways. This is a great tool to have in your garden shed if you want to keep your trees and hedges looking neat and tidy.

Type of Pole Saw

Pole saws come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles. It’s important to choose the right one for your specific needs.

There are three main pole saw types: manual, electric, and gas-powered.


Gas-powered pole saws, the most powerful and durable models available, are perfect for tackling any tough job. They are driven by a gas engine and provide enough power to tackle thicker branches or limbs. They offer a longer reach than electric and manual saws, but they can be bulky and difficult to maneuver.


Electric saws are powered by electricity and are typically much lighter than gas-powered ones. They’re ideal for smaller jobs, but don’t have the same cutting power. Electric poles also offer more precise control, so they’re great for detailed work like pruning or trimming branches near windows or other delicate areas.


Cordless saws offer the same power and reach as electric models, but without the need for a power cord. They’re great for jobs in remote areas or when outlets are not available. They come with rechargeable batteries that can last up to several hours on a single charge. [1]


Manual pole saws are the lightest and easiest to use. They require no power source, so they’re perfect for small pruning jobs or when you need to get into tight spaces. Manual poles are also generally much cheaper than other types.

Make sure it’s the right size and type for your needs. With a little research and insight, you can find the perfect pole saw for whatever job you have at hand!

Factors to Consider While Purchasing TrimmerPlus TPP720 Pole Saw

First, think about how often you plan to use the saw. If you’re going to be using it frequently, it may be a better idea to get one with a more powerful motor.

If you only need a pole saw occasionally, then getting one with lower power might be sufficient.

Second, think about the features that come with the pole saw. You want to ensure that it has all of the necessary attachments for your particular needs and ensure that they are high-quality components.

Third, consider how comfortable the pole saw is overall. It should feel light in your hands and shouldn’t require too much force or energy on your part when cutting through branches.

Finally, make sure to budget for the necessary safety equipment. This includes things like gloves, goggles, durable clothing and face protection. These items are important for keeping you safe while working with power tools and should never be overlooked.

Cutting Blade Length

The TrimmerPlus comes with three interchangeable cutting blades that range from 6 inches to 8 inches in length. Depending on the job you are doing, it may be necessary to switch out the blade size as needed. Be sure to consider what type of tasks you plan to do and choose a saw accordingly.

Cutting Blade Length

Safety should always be top priority when using any power tools, so ensure you read through the user manual thoroughly. It’s important to know all of its functions and safety measures in order to ensure your own safety while using it.


The TrimmerPlus TPP720 Pole Saw has an adjustable height pole that extends from 4 feet all the way up to 8 feet. This makes it ideal for reaching those tall, hard-to-reach branches without having to use a ladder or climb a tree.

Once you have found the perfect saw for your needs, make sure to take proper care of it. Clean and lubricate the blades after each use, store in a cool dry place and inspect them regularly for any issues or damage. Doing so will help ensure that your equipment stays in good condition and lasts you a long time.

Material And Durability

The TPP720 is made of high-grade aluminum and has a brushless motor for long-lasting durability. This pole saw can handle tough branches easily, making it perfect for any landscaping task.

Ensure to do your research and read reviews to get an understanding of how well it performs in the field. It’s important that you know what you are investing in and how durable.


Regular maintenance is important for any power tool. After each use, you should clean and lubricate the blades, inspect for any damage and make sure the batteries are fully charged.


The TrimmerPlus TPP720 Pole Saw is lightweight and easy to maneuver.

It only weighs 12 pounds, making it ideal for those who need a powerful saw that won’t weigh them down.


The TrimmerPlus TPP720 Pole Saw has a balanced design that helps reduce fatigue while working. The adjustable extension pole allows you to get into those hard-to-reach areas with ease and the lightweight construction makes it easy to maneuver around your yard or job site.


The TPP720 is a great option for those looking to save money. It’s an affordable saw that still offers plenty of power and features. You won’t have to break the bank in order to get a quality pole saw when you choose this model.


The TrimmerPlus is backed by a 2-year limited warranty, so you can rest assured that your purchase is well protected. This should give you some peace of mind knowing that the manufacturer stands behind its product and ensures quality craftsmanship.


These are just some of the things you should consider when looking for a pole saw. Take your time, do your research and make sure that the pole saw is the perfect fit for your needs before making any major decisions. With proper care and maintenance, this saw can be a great addition to any landscaping project!

Safety Tips to Consider While Using TrimmerPlus TPP720 Pole Saw

Whether you’re a professional gardener or just looking for an efficient way to prune your trees, the TPP720 is a great tool for any job. However, it’s important to remember safety first when using this powerful equipment. Here are a few tips that can help ensure everyone stays safe:

  • Always wear protective gear such as goggles, gloves and long pants.
  • Never operate the device around people or other animals, even if you think they’re out of harm’s way.
  • Whenever you’re making a cut, take your time and make sure to maintain full control of the saw.
  • Ensure that you’re in a stable position before using the pole saw — avoid reaching for branches or limbs that are too high up.
  • If any part of the safety guard is damaged or missing, do not attempt to use the pole saw until it has been replaced or repaired by an authorized dealer.
  • When refueling the saw, always ensure that you are doing so in a well ventilated area away from any open flames.
  • Always store gasoline and other flammable liquids in their original containers and adhere to all safety precautions when handling them.

Wear the chainsaw Safety Gear

It’s important to wear the right kind of protective clothing. This includes long pants, goggles, ear protection and sturdy work gloves. Make sure to inspect all of your safety gear before use to ensure that it is in working order. Additionally, make sure that your clothing fits properly — loose-fitting or baggy clothing can easily get caught on moving parts and cause serious injury.

Only cut during the daytime

It can be tempting to take your pole saw out at night, but it’s important to remember that visibility is key when using this equipment. When pruning trees or shrubs, ensure that you’re doing so during the day and in an area with enough light to ensure a safe job.

Check the chain tension regularly

The chain on your TrimmerPlus TPP720 pole saw must be properly tensioned in order for it to work correctly. Before each use, check the chainsaw tension by squeezing the top and bottom of the blade with your thumb and forefinger. If there is more than 1/8-inch of movement between them, then you will need to adjust the tension. To do so, consult the manual for your specific model of TrimmerPlus pole saw.

Do Not Use Your Pole Saw in Wet Conditions

Never operate your TrimmerPlus TPP720 pole saw in wet or damp conditions. This can increase the risk of electric shock and cause serious injury to yourself and others. Additionally, keep the saw dry by wiping off excess moisture after each use.

Cut one branch at a Time

When cutting branches with your pole saw, it’s important to focus on one branch at a time. Cutting too many branches at once can strain the motor and cause fatigue. Additionally, try to avoid cutting thick branches as they may require more power than the saw is able to provide safety.

Get rid of fallen branches as quickly as is possible

After pruning, be sure to remove any fallen branches and clean up the area as soon as possible. This will help prevent potential accidents and keep your yard looking neat.

Keep an eye out for signs of Spring

With the arrival of spring, it’s important to keep an eye out for signs of new growth. This can include small buds on trees and shrubs, or leaves beginning to sprout from the ground. Be sure to adjust your pruning schedule accordingly in order to avoid damaging any developing branches or foliage.

Always be ready for kickback

Kickback is a potentially dangerous reaction that can occur while using a pole saw. It happens when the blade of the tool catches on a branch and launches it back in your direction. To mitigate this risk, make sure to maintain full control of the saw at all times and keep your body clear of any moving parts. [1]

Calling a professional

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or intimidated by the task of pruning trees and hedges, don’t hesitate to call a professional.

Calling a professional

They will be able to safely and effectively trim your trees without putting you at risk for injury.

How to Use TrimmerPlus TPP720 Pole Saw?

Using the TrimmerPlus TPP720 Pole Saw is easy and straightforward. Here’s how:

  • Start by assembling the saw. This includes connecting the power head to the telescoping pole, attaching the cutting head, and threading the chain onto the guide bar. Make sure all fasteners are tight for proper operation.
  • Next, mix 2-stroke oil with unleaded gasoline at a 50:1 ratio (see your manual for specific ratios). Fill up the fuel tank with this mixture before starting up your pole saw.
  • To start the saw, rotate the choke knob until you hear the engine running. Move back and forth between the start and run positions for optimal performance. Then, push the primer bulb at least three times to prime the engine.
  • Start cutting away! Hold the pole saw in both hands, with your dominant hand controlling the handle and power switch. Guide it up and down parallel to what you’re cutting while gripping firmly and keeping a steady pace.
  • When finished, turn off the power switch before moving to another tree or branch. Then pull out the choke knob and use it to move between the start and run positions until you hear the engine stopping completely. Now disconnect all parts of the pole saw according to the instructions in your manual for proper storage and maintenance of your tool!

And that’s how you use a TrimmerPlus TPP720 Pole Saw! Enjoy the convenience of this powerful and durable tool for all your outdoor projects.

Factors to Consider When Buying TrimmerPlus TPP720 Pole Saw

When it comes to buying a pole saw, there are several factors to consider before making a purchase. The TrimmerPlus TPP720 pole saw is a popular choice for many people, but it’s important to compare different indicators to ensure that it’s the right choice for your needs.

Here is a table comparing different indicators to consider when buying the TrimmerPlus TPP720 pole saw:

Indicator Description
Power Source Electric or gas-powered
Bar Length The length of the saw blade, typically between 8-12 inches
Reach The maximum length the pole saw can extend to
Cutting Capacity The maximum diameter of the branch that the pole saw can cut through
Weight The weight of the pole saw, including the cutting head and extension pole
Noise Level The amount of noise the pole saw makes during operation
Price The cost of the pole saw, including any accessories or attachments

This table provides a quick comparison of the different indicators to consider when buying the TrimmerPlus TPP720 pole saw. By comparing these indicators, you can ensure that the pole saw meets your specific needs and preferences.


How do you tighten the chain on a trimmer plus pole saw?

To tighten the chain on a trimmer plus pole saw, you’ll need to adjust the bar nut. First, make sure that the power is switched off and disconnect the spark plug wire. Use an adjustable wrench or a socket set to loosen the bar nut; it should move in a counterclockwise direction. Then, place the tensioner over the chain so that it’s snug against the bar. Tighten up the bar nut by turning it clockwise until it’s snug and secure. Finally, test out your tensioner by running your trimmer plus pole saw for a few seconds; if everything feels okay then you’re all set! Make sure to regularly check and adjust your chain as needed for optimal performance. [2]

Will TrimmerPlus attachments fit echo?

Absolutely not; the Echo has an internal diameter of 0.975 inches, whereas the outer diameter of TrimmerPlus tubing measures 0.995 inches. Thus, TrimmerPlus attachments will not fit the Echo. [3]

How tight should a pole saw chain be?

The chain on a pole saw should be tight enough to run smoothly, but not so tight that it causes the bar to bend or put too much strain on the motor. You can tell your chain is at the right tension if you can lift it up and down with moderate effort. If it’s too loose, it will come off of the sprocket and cause damage to both the chain and the saw. If it’s too tight, then you won’t be able to start the engine or control the direction of the cut. It’s important to adjust your chain properly for optimal cutting performance.

To adjust your pole saw chain tension, first turn off and unplug your saw from any power source. Then, loosen the tensioning screw on the side of the saw. You can then use a flat-head screwdriver to turn the adjusting wheel to tighten or loosen the chain. After you have adjusted it to your desired level of tension, secure the tensioning screw back in place and plug your saw back in. It’s also important to check your chainsaw’s manual for specific instructions about how tight your chain should be for optimal performance. [4]

Why does the chain on my pole saw keep coming off?

If the chain on your pole saw is slipping off, it’s likely due to not being properly tensioned. If you don’t have experience working with chainsaws, it’s best to leave this repair to a professional. However, if you’re feeling brave and want to tackle it yourself, here are some steps you can take:

  • Check that the bar nuts are tight and snug against the bar.
  • Make sure that there aren’t any kinks in the chain or any damage to the drive links.
  • Apply Bar and Chain Oil (or equivalent lubricant) along the length of the bar and around the drive sprocket at least twice a day when in use.
  • Check the tension of the chain. You should be able to pull the chain away from the bar with some effort and then have it snap back into place after you release it. If it’s too loose, use the adjusting screw to tighten it.

These steps should help keep your pole saw running smoothly without slipping off. Make sure to take proper safety precautions anytime you’re working with a pole saw! And remember — if in doubt, leave it to a professional!

How do you angle a string trimmer?

Angling a string trimmer correctly is essential for achieving the desired results. To angle your trimmer, start by turning off the engine and adjusting the handle so that it’s at a comfortable height. Then, adjust the head of the trimmer to create a 45-degree angle from the ground. Once you have achieved the proper angle, secure it with an adjustable wrench or clamp. Finally, check that all moving parts are properly lubricated and tighten any loose bolts to ensure safety before operating your string trimmer again. Following these simple steps will help you get the most out of your string trimmer! [5]

What is the maximum cutting diameter of the TrimmerPlus TPP720 Pole Saw?

The TrimmerPlus TPP720 Pole Saw has a 10-inch bar and can cut branches up to 6 inches in diameter. However, the maximum cutting diameter will depend on the type of wood and the condition of the chain. You should always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for safe operation.

How do you maintain the TrimmerPlus TPP720 Pole Saw?

To ensure optimal performance and safety, you should regularly maintain your TrimmerPlus TPP720 Pole Saw. This includes checking the chain tension, lubricating the chain, and inspecting the saw blade for damage or wear. You should also clean the pole saw after each use and store it in a dry, protected area. Refer to the product manual for detailed maintenance instructions.

What safety precautions should you take when using the TrimmerPlus TPP720 Pole Saw?

When using the TrimmerPlus TPP720 Pole Saw, you should always wear appropriate safety gear, including eye and ear protection, gloves, and sturdy footwear. You should also be aware of your surroundings and avoid working near power lines or other hazards. Additionally, you should follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for safe operation and always use the pole saw at a comfortable and secure angle.

What is the weight of the TrimmerPlus TPP720 Pole Saw?

The TrimmerPlus TPP720 Pole Saw weighs approximately 7 pounds. However, the weight may vary depending on the type of trimmer it is attached to. It is important to ensure that the combined weight of the pole saw and trimmer is comfortable for you to handle, especially when working for extended periods.

What is the length of the extension pole on the TrimmerPlus TPP720 Pole Saw?

The TrimmerPlus TPP720 Pole Saw features a 7-foot extension pole, which allows you to reach high branches without the need for a ladder or scaffolding. The extension pole is adjustable and can be shortened to a more comfortable length for shorter users or when working in tight spaces.

What is the warranty period for the TrimmerPlus TPP720 Pole Saw?

The TrimmerPlus TPP720 Pole Saw comes with a 2-year limited warranty from the date of purchase. This warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship, but it does not cover normal wear and tear or damage caused by misuse or neglect. To make a warranty claim, you should contact the manufacturer or retailer where you purchased the product.

Can you use the TrimmerPlus TPP720 Pole Saw for pruning or trimming hedges?

The TrimmerPlus TPP720 Pole Saw is designed specifically for cutting branches and is not suitable for pruning or trimming hedges. However, the TrimmerPlus system offers a variety of attachments, including a hedge trimmer, which can be used to trim hedges and shrubs. You should always use the appropriate attachment for the task at hand to ensure optimal performance and safety.

Is the TrimmerPlus TPP720 Pole Saw easy to assemble and disassemble?

The TrimmerPlus TPP720 Pole Saw is easy to attach to your trimmer and can be assembled or disassembled in just a few minutes. The extension pole is adjustable and can be easily removed for storage or transport. However, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to ensure proper assembly and safe operation.

Video Guide: TrimmerPlus TPP720 Pole Saw Review. A Chainsaw attachment for your string trimmer


The TrimmerPlus TPP720 is a great option for anyone looking for a reliable pole saw that can take on tough jobs. Its powerful 8 amp motor, adjustable cutting head, and lightweight design make it perfect for both the professional and amateur user. Not only is the TrimmerPlus TPP720 well-built and durable, but it also offers an impressive range of features that will help you get through those more difficult tasks with ease. It’s always important to read reviews before purchasing any product, and this one comes highly recommended. Whether you’re pruning trees or shrubs, trimming hedges or small branches, or just want something to tackle those hard-to-reach places in your garden – this one has got you covered! Thanks for reading and happy shopping!


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