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Stihl vs. Husqvarna Pole Saw: Which is Better?

When it comes to choosing the right pole saw for your needs, the options can be overwhelming. Should you go with a Stihl or a Husqvarna? What are the differences between the two brands? In this comprehensive guide, we will answer all of your questions and help you make the best decision for your needs. We will review both Stihl and Husqvarna saws, and help you decide which brand is better for you.

Is a pole saw right for your needs?

Before we get into the details of our Stihl vs Husqvarna pole saw review, let’s first answer the question: is a pole saw right for your needs?

A pole saw is a great tool for anyone who needs to trim branches that are out of reach.

If you have tall trees on your property, or if you frequently need to trim branches overhanging your home, a pole saw can be a valuable addition to your toolkit. Pole saws are also relatively lightweight and easy to use, making them a good choice for people who don’t have a lot of experience with power tools.[1]

Pole saw pole length

The most important factor when choosing a pole saw is the length of the pole. The longer the pole, the more reach you’ll have. But be careful not to get a pole that’s too long – it will be difficult to control and could be dangerous.

Stihl and Husqvarna offer a variety of different lengths for their pole saws. For example, the Stihl HT 101 has a total length of 12 feet, while the Husqvarna 327P has a total length of 15 feet. So if you need a saw with lots of reach, Husqvarna is probably your best bet.

Pole saw pole length

But remember, the longer the pole, the heavier it will be. So if you’re going to be using the saw for long periods of time, you might want to choose a shorter pole to make it easier to handle.

Pole saws can also be fitted with extensions, so if you find that you need more reach than what the standard lengths offer, you can always add on an extension.

The weight of the pole saw

Weight is an important consideration. If you are going to be using the saw for a long time, then you need to make sure that it is not too heavy. The weight of the saw will also affect the maneuverability of the saw. If the saw is too heavy, it will be difficult to control and may cause injuries.

The Stihl vs Husqvarna pole saws both have their own unique set of features that makes them stand out from each other. One such feature is their weight.

The Stihl weighs around 13 pounds while the Husqvarna weighs about 17 pounds.

This makes the Stihl much easier to maneuver around with and also makes it lighter on your arms and shoulders when working with it for extended periods of time.

The Husqvarna is still a very good saw but if you are looking for something that is easier to maneuver, then the Stihl would be the better option.

Pole saw updated features

The new Stihl saw has a number of improved features, including a more powerful engine, better weight distribution, and an updated cutting head. Husqvarna’s updated model includes a number of similar improvements, plus a few additional ones like an adjustable cutting angle and a longer warranty.

Pole saw complete accessories

Pole saws come with different types of accessories depending on the brand, model, and intended use. Some of the most common include:

  • Chainsaw chain
  • Chainsaw bar oil
  • Safety goggles or glasses
  • Hearing protection
  • Gloves
  • First aid kit

Pole saw complete accessories

Always consult your saw’s user manual for a complete list of recommended accessories and safety gear. Depending on the model, some saws may also require special tools for maintenance or repairs.[1]

Cordless, gas-powered or electric pole saws?

The next step is to decide which type of power source you want for your saw. There are three main types:

  • Cordless pole saws run on batteries, so they’re very portable. They’re also relatively quiet and low-maintenance since there’s no engine. However, they may not have as much power as gas-powered or electric saws.
  • Gas-powered pole saws are the most powerful option, but they’re also the heaviest and most expensive. They’re also a bit more challenging to use and maintain than other types of saws.
  • Electric pole saws are lighter and cheaper than gas models, but they still have plenty of power for most jobs. They’re also relatively easy to use and maintain. However, they require an extension cord, so they’re not as portable as cordless saws.[1]

How do we compare the two pole saws?


The first thing we have to consider is the quality of each product. When it comes to quality, there is no clear winner. Both Husqvarna and Stihl make high-quality products that are built to last.

However, some people may prefer the build quality of Husqvarna saws. Husqvarna pole saws are made with a heavier-duty construction that can withstand more wear and tear.

On the other hand, Stihl pole saws are designed for easy maneuverability and lightness. So, if you’re looking for a saw that’s easy to handle, then Stihl might be the better choice.[2]


When it comes to price, Husqvarna definitely has the advantage. Their saws are significantly cheaper than Stihl’s, which means that if you’re on a budget, Husqvarna is the way to go.

However, it’s important to remember that when it comes to tools like this, you get what you pay for.

So while Husqvarna’s saws may be less expensive upfront, they may not be as durable or powerful as Stihl’s.[2]


Pole saws can be heavy, so weight is an important consideration. Husqvarna’s pole saws tend to be a bit lighter than Stihl’s.

Husqvarna Pole Saw

Short Review

Husqvarna is a world-renowned company that produces high-quality outdoor power equipment. Its pole saws are no exception. Husqvarna’s pole saws are lightweight, powerful, and easy to use, making them a great choice for both professionals and homeowners alike.

Short Review

There are two main types of Husqvarna pole saws: the battery-powered model and the gas-powered model. Both types have their own set of pros and cons that you’ll need to consider before making your purchase.[1]


Husqvarna pole saws, on the other hand, are slightly heavier than Stihl saws but they offer more power and cutting performance. They’re also less expensive than Stihl saws, which may make them a better choice if you’re on a budget.

Husqvarna pole saws also have some features that Stihl saws don’t have, like an automatic chain tensioner and a built-in brush cutter. And while both brands offer a variety of models to choose from, Husqvarna has more options than Stihl.[3]


The biggest downside to Husqvarna is that they are more expensive than Stihl. But, as we said before, you get what you pay for. Husqvarna also has fewer authorized dealers than Stihl, so it may be harder to find a place to buy and service your saw.

Husqvarna does have one very notable recall. In 2013, the company recalled about 36,000 gas-powered pole saws because the throttle trigger could fail and cause the chainsaw to keep running even after the operator lets go of the trigger. No injuries were reported, but this is definitely something to be aware of if you’re considering a Husqvarna pole saw.[3]

Stihl Pole Saw

Short Review

Stihl is a German company that has been around for over 100 years. They are known for their high quality, durable products. The Stihl pole saw is no exception. It is made with a high quality aluminum alloy and is designed to be lightweight and easy to use. The Stihl pole saw also comes with a two-year warranty.

The Stihl pole saw is a great choice for those who are looking for a durable, long lasting product. It is also a good choice for those who are looking for a pole saw that is easy to use and comes with a warranty.[1]


Stihl is a trusted name when it comes to outdoor power equipment. They have been in business for over 100 years and are known for their quality products. Stihl pole saws are no exception. They are well-made and designed to last.

There are several things that make Stihl pole saws a good choice:

  • They are easy to start and use. You don’t need a lot of experience to operate one of these saws.[3]
  • They are lightweight and easy to maneuver. This makes them ideal for people who don’t have a lot of upper body strength.
  • The blades on Stihl pole saws stay sharp longer than the blades on other brands. This means you won’t have to sharpen them as often.
  • Stihl pole saws are covered by a warranty. This gives you peace of mind in knowing that if something goes wrong, you can get it fixed or replaced.


Stihl pole saws are not without their faults, however. As with any gas-powered tool, they require regular maintenance and tune-ups to keep them running properly. They can also be quite expensive, especially when compared to electric models.


Another downside of Stihl pole saws is that they can be quite heavy and unwieldy, making them difficult to use for extended periods of time. Additionally, the chains can come off if they’re not properly tensioned, which can be dangerous.

Finally, Stihl’s customer service has been known to be less than stellar, so you may have difficulty getting help if you run into problems with your saw.[3]

Stihl vs. Husqvarna Pole Saw: Comparison Table

This table compares various indicators between Stihl and Husqvarna pole saws.

Indicator Stihl Pole Saw Husqvarna Pole Saw
Engine Displacement 25.4 cc 25.0 cc
Power Output 1.3 hp 1.2 hp
Weight (without bar and chain) 10.6 lbs 11.0 lbs
Maximum Length 12 feet 12 feet
Bar Length 10 inches 10 inches
Chain Tensioning System Quick Adjust Tool-less
Price $699.95 $599.95
Customer Ratings (out of 5) 4.5 4.3

Stihl and Husqvarna are two well-known brands in the world of power tools, including pole saws. This table compares the Stihl and Husqvarna pole saws based on various indicators such as engine displacement, power output, weight, maximum length, bar length, chain tensioning system, price, and customer ratings. As seen from the table, both pole saws have similar specifications in terms of engine displacement, power output, maximum length, and bar length. However, there are some differences in weight, chain tensioning system, price, and customer ratings. The Stihl pole saw is slightly lighter, has a quick adjust chain tensioning system, and is priced higher than the Husqvarna pole saw. On the other hand, the Husqvarna pole saw has a tool-less chain tensioning system and is priced lower than the Stihl pole saw. The customer ratings for both pole saws are quite similar, with the Stihl pole saw having a slightly higher rating than the Husqvarna pole saw.


How big of a branch can you cut with a pole saw?

The size of the branch that a pole saw can cut depends on the model of the saw. Some models are designed for cutting branches that are up to four inches in diameter, while others can handle branches that are up to eight inches in diameter.

To get an idea of how big of a branch you can cut with a particular model of pole saw, it is best to consult the manufacturer’s specifications.

How high can pole saws reach?

This is an important question to consider when purchasing a pole saw. Depending on the model, pole saws can extend anywhere from eight to 14 feet. Of course, the higher the reach, the more expensive the model will be. However, if you have tall trees or need to trim branches that are out of reach, it’s worth investing in a saw with a longer extension.

Who makes the longest reach pole saw?

In terms of the longest reach pole saws, it’s a close tie between Stihl and Husqvarna. Both manufacturers offer models with a maximum reach of up to 16 feet.

However, when it comes to cutting power, Stihl has the edge over Husqvarna. The company’s pole saws are equipped with more powerful engines that deliver up to 20% more torque than their Husqvarna counterparts.

So if you need a long reach pole saw that can handle tougher cutting jobs, then Stihl is the better option.

How long should a pole saw chain last?

The average pole saw chain should last anywhere from 20 to 50 hours, depending on the brand, model, and type of chain. However, with proper maintenance and care, your pole saw chain can last much longer.

To extend the life of your pole saw chain, be sure to:

  • Keep the chain sharpened
  • Lubricate the chain regularly
  • Avoid using the pole saw in dusty or sandy conditions
  • Clean the pole saw after each use

What is the longest manual pole saw you can buy?

The longest manual pole saw that you can buy is the Fiskars 9424. It has a cutting head on one end and a foot on the other end. The length of the pole is 24 feet, making it ideal for tall trees.

The next longest manual pole saw is the Silky Gomtaro 270. This saw has a similar design to the Fiskars but is only 21 feet long.

If you need a longer reach, there are also telescoping pole saws available. These Laws Have an extendable pole that can reach up to 30 feet. The most popular telescoping pole saw is the Extendable Pole Saw by Remington.

How far does a Stihl pole saw reach?

A Stihl pole saw can reach up to 12 feet, depending on the model. The Stihl HT 103 and HT 133 models both feature a 12 foot telescoping shaft, allowing you to easily reach branches that are out of your normal reach. Additionally, both models come with a low-vibration system to reduce fatigue while operating the saw.

The Stihl HTA 85 is another popular model that extends up to 10 feet and features an adjustable cutting head for more precise pruning. It also has an anti-vibration system and a lightweight design for increased comfort during use.

Overall, Stihl offers a wide range of pole saws that can help you safely and efficiently trim trees and shrubs from the ground. With their extended reach, ergonomic designs, and powerful motors, Stihl pole saws are an excellent choice for anyone looking to tackle tough pruning jobs.

Are pole saws worth it?

Pole saws are definitely worth it if you have a lot of trees or shrubs that need trimming. They can make the job much easier and faster than using a regular saw, as they allow you to reach higher branches without needing to use a ladder. Not only that, but they’re also great for pruning smaller branches, so you don’t have to worry about damaging larger ones. Additionally, pole saws are generally lightweight and easy to use, making them ideal for home owners who don’t want to invest in a professional tree-trimming service.

Can pole saw cut a tree trunk?

Yes, a pole saw can be used to cut tree trunks. A pole saw is a tool that consists of a chainsaw blade on the end of an extendable pole. This allows for the user to reach higher branches and trunks without needing a ladder. The cutting power of the chainsaw blade makes it possible to cut through tree trunks, although it may take some time and effort depending on the size and thickness of the trunk.

When cutting a tree trunk with a pole saw, it is important to make sure you have proper safety equipment and follow all safety guidelines for using power tools. You should also be aware of your surroundings, as falling branches or limbs can cause injury or damage to property. Additionally, you should use caution when cutting near electrical wires or other hazards.

Overall, a pole saw can be used to cut tree trunks with some preparation and caution.

What is the longest reach for an electric pole saw?

The longest reach for an electric pole saw depends on the model. Generally, electric pole saws have a reach of 6 to 12 feet. This gives you the ability to prune and trim branches up to 12 feet high. Some models even come with extensions that can extend the reach up to 15 feet or more.

Electric pole saws are great for pruning and trimming trees in tight spaces, as they provide more control than a regular chainsaw. They are also much lighter and easier to maneuver than gas-powered saws, making them ideal for homeowners who don’t want to deal with the hassle of using a gas-powered saw. Electric pole saws are also less expensive than their gas-powered counterparts and require less maintenance.

Is a pole saw safer than a chainsaw?

A pole saw can be a safer option than a chainsaw in certain scenarios. When using a pole saw, you don’t have to worry about the weight of the tool and you can keep your distance from the branches you are cutting. This eliminates the risk of kickback that is common with chainsaws. Additionally, since pole saws are smaller and lighter than chainsaws, they require less power to operate and generate less noise. This makes them easier to control and safer for the operator. Ultimately, whether a pole saw or a chainsaw is safer depends on the job at hand and how it is used.

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So, what’s the final verdict? Which is better – Stihl or Husqvarna?

The answer really depends on your needs and preferences. If you’re looking for a saw that’s powerful and easy to use, then the Stihl might be a good choice for you. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a saw that’s lightweight and has more features, then the Husqvarna might be a better option.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which saw is best for you. We hope our guide has helped you make an informed decision! Thanks for reading!


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