5 Best Cordless Pole Saws
5 Best Cordless Pole Saws
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RPM: 375
8" cutting bar
Provides up to 100 cuts
Greenworks Pole Saw
3-piece aluminum shaft
8-Inch bar
Easy adjust chain system
Oregon Cordless PS250
Extendable reach
8-Inch bar
Makes up to 325 cuts
Greenworks Cordless
Replacement chain
8” bar and chain
4-year tool warranty
WORX WG323 20V 10"
Lightweight and easy to use
2-in-1 polesaw and chainsaw
Automatic chain lubrication
Have you ever attempted to trim branches around your home with a chainsaw, but had trouble reaching them? Unless you hire a professional, getting clean cuts that take care of every limb can be difficult (and sometimes, not recommended). Doing this can present dangers to an individual, mostly due to the compact and open design of chainsaws. But there’s an easy solution to help you get your branches cut before they fall down on their own.

A cordless pole saw is a simple tool equipped with a chainsaw, allowing the user to cut off tree limbs while standing on the ground at a safe distance away from the saw chains. So instead of climbing up trees to trim excessive growth, your feet will never leave the surface. The following pole saws reviewed below are top-of-the-line and will last for years after you’ve purchased one of them. Remember, each comes with its own chainsaw, so there’s no need to go out and buy one when you’ve completed your order. Let’s look further!

BLACK+DECKER LPP120 20-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Pole Saw (Editor’s Choice)

BLACK+DECKER LPP120 20-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Pole SawThe BLACK+DECKER LPP120 20-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless is one of the easiest poles saws to work with. It’s lightweight but also retains heaviness in the areas where it’s needed the most with such products, mainly along with the tips and end opposite end.

With this combination, you can cut through most tree limbs as if they’re made of butter. And since the device is completely wireless, you’ll be free to move around however you like during the cutting. Once the work is done, disassembling the pieces is a breeze. It will likely fit in any place that you have ready for storing (without getting in the way of your other items in the garage). As for safety features, the LPP120 will completely shut down if it detects any abnormalities during your sawing. If the chain were to snap off or loosen too much, the motor would stop running immediately.

If there’s anything that could be improved, it would be the battery. However, battery time mostly stays the same for pole saws so you should finish several trees without it cutting off on you. It would have been nicer to have a better chain guard, but it should hold up for long enough. Additionally, the angle of the product isn’t tiled, so it might be a bit awkward when attempting to reach limbs from a distance that’s closer than the range it will extend to. Yet none of these issues take away from the tool’s overall performance. Try it out if you’re in need of a pole saw and have never used one before. But even professional cutters will feel at home with the LPP120.


  • Surprisingly lightweight and versatile; very easy to operate, both beginners and professionals
  • The long length of the pole allows users to reach taller tree branches
  • Assembly and taking it apart is easy to do, and has only three interchangeable parts
  • Compact enough to store in inconspicuous areas in the home/garage
  • Cuts quickly with a variety of tree specimens
  • The chainsaw will stop if one of the parts malfunctions or jams


  • The battery may not last very long when used consistently for several branches, 1-2 hours at most
  • The chain guards are weak and will succumb to marks and chipping early in the device’s use
  • There’s no way to tilt the saw or the pole that comes with it, possibly making some cuts more difficult to finish

Greenworks 8.5′ 40V Cordless Pole Saw – Best Cordless Pole Saw for Battery Life (People’s Choice)

2 Greenworks Cordless Pole SawThe Greenworks Cordless Pole Saw, as its name says, is painted green. It’s a good reflection of how well it works to cut down limbs. With most tree species, this is done in seconds. Included with the product is everything that you’ll need to get started.

If you own any other Greenworks tools, feel free to use the battery for them if you need to. Across the brand, it’s universal. As for operation, things have never been simpler.

You can loosen or tighten the chain fast with the mechanism shown in the product’s description. The reach is about nine feet total, with an extended length of about 8.5 feet. Not too long, but not short either. Your oil will last a while as well, whereby you won’t find yourself changing it every time you use the pole saw. There might be instances of the machine cutting off of you abruptly, but this shouldn’t be the case for every owner. Recommended for people that want a pole saw with slightly higher the average battery life.


  • The battery that’s included with the saw can be used with other Greenworks products
  • The chain can be tightened or loosened quickly
  • Its 8-foot extension is perfect for cutting down medium-sized trees
  • Very oil efficient; uses at a slow pace


  • The saw may shut down unexpectedly, requiring the user to pull the string again to turn it back on

Oregon Cordless PS250 8-Inch 40V Telescoping Pole Saw – Best Cordless Pole Saw for Power

Oregon Cordless PS250 8-Inch 40V Telescoping Pole SawThe Oregon Cordless PS250 is the power saver of chainsaws. With it, your battery power will never decrease as it depletes. That means the power behind your saw isn’t reduced when the change is very low. Of course, this could come with some drawbacks, depending mostly on how you use the device.

Be sure that your battery is full when you start and consider getting an additional one if you can. You can cut down several limbs fast since there won’t be a need to replace the power supply in the middle of your work.

It also has low vibration compared to other models, which is great for people with sensitivity to rigorous shaking. Everything will be shipped to you assembled already, so you will only have to sift through the manual to see how to operate it correctly. Detaching the pole and saw is a little tricky, but can be done if you’re comfortable putting it back on again.


  • The saw’s power isn’t reduced when the battery is low
  • Low vibration reduces the risk of hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS)
  • Ships fully assembled


  • Difficult to unfasten the saw from the pole for storage

Greenworks 8-Inch 24V Cordless Pole Saw – Best Oil Efficient Cordless Pole Saw

Greenworks 8-Inch 24V Cordless Pole SawThe Greenworks 8-Inch 24V is the pole saw you’ll want if you’re impatient with long charging times. Getting the battery full should only take around 45 minutes at best, and 1 hour at most. If you have another one, then you can allow one to charge while you’re cutting with the next.

Oil on the saw is fed automatically, whereby the blades are always lubricated so long as there’s a supply of it in the tank. As a result, jamming and tangling will hardly ever occur. You can saw through limbs at a fast pace, much quicker than the average time it would take with ordinary chainsaws. There is one big catch. The battery’s life isn’t long and will drain fast. It’s another model that would work best with an additional power supply, so acquire another battery with this model if you can.


  • Has a fast charging time, typically in 45 minutes to 1 hour
  • The saw as a self-lubricating mechanism that feeds oil to the blade while in use
  • Cuts through tree limbs with little jamming or tangling


  • The screw that’s used for tightening the chain has a tendency to come loose during operation
  • Battery life is short (recommended for users to purchase an additional Greenworks battery, if possible)

WORX WG323 20V 10″ Cordless Pole/Chain Saw with Auto-Tension – Best Cordless Pole Saw for Reach Length

WORX WG323 20V 10 Cordless Pole/Chain Saw with Auto-TensionThe final product on the list is the WORX WG323. This model has the longest reach of all those shown. From bottom to top, it’s gauged at ten feet, making it the best for people that need to cut down branches that are a bit higher than average.

When you’re doing this, don’t forget that you can completely detach the chainsaw unit from the pole. Its shape is straight and has no curves.

The angle could be a bit odd for people that have worked with other pole saws with this feature before. In such a case, it would be something that you would definitely have to get accustomed to. On a good note, the device is weighted and you won’t have to put too much arm and back strength into your cuts. You can let the pole do the work for you in most jobs. It does have a total weight that’s a bit more than the competition but should be expected, given the length of the unit.


  • The grip makes the pole comfortable to hold and doesn’t cause irritation in the hands during work
  • Can be used without the pole, if desired
  • The pole itself adds pressure to each cut, minimizing the amount of arm strength needed to get through limbs


  • The saw and pole have no angle
  • Weighs slightly more than some of its competitors

Buyer’s Guide

The information below will help you to better pick the best pole saw for you.

How to Choose the Best Cordless Pole Saw

A good pole saw will have three features in common. The first is the adjustable cord length. With the typical model, you should be able to extend it to either one or two times. The next attribute to focus on is battery power, something that’s sometimes difficult to notice without trying out the machine for yourself first. An easy loophole to know this is by looking at what others have commented about the pole saw. Focus your reading on reviews that are posted by verified accounts.

Lastly, the third feature you should want is durability. A pole saw isn’t worthwhile if the device will break on your too early in its lifetime. Things should run smoothly well past the warranty date. Again, reviews can be helpful with this, but also take a look at the build and materials used on the pole saw. Sometimes, you can spot things that would damage easily just about glancing over photos in the product’s description.

The Length and Reach

Pole saws are fitted with long poles made of lightweight but strong material. The length averages around eight feet, but there are models that can go longer. Take a look around the areas where you’ll be using the pole saw the most. Do you think it would benefit you to have a few extra feet on your device? If so, evaluate those with a long extension. It might not seem like much superficially, but you’ll definitely notice the difference when you’re actively in the process of sawing.

Your pole length will determine your length, which would be a foot or two longer than the entire gauge of the saw itself. Furthermore, check whether or not you can take off the pole entirely. You never know when you might need to use the chainsaw without one, and having a model that makes disassembly easy to always a plus.

Batteries and Charging Times

Besides the fact that you can walk around easier with a cordless pole saw, batteries ensure that you’ll have an almost identical rate of power to those that are fully electric. Of course, the voltage might not be as high as what you may have seen on corded chainsaws, but acceptable nonetheless. If you already own a power tool manufactured from a company that produces cordless saws, see if the battery will fit on the model you’re interested in. If it can, then you would have two batteries to work with instead of one. However, you could always buy an extra if you don’t have a battery; they’re quite easy to find online.

How Easy it will be For You to Cut

If you’ve never used a pole saw before, you’ll likely need to practice with it first. You can start by cutting easy limbs initially working you way up to thicker branches when you’ve gotten accustomed to the feel of the machine. Most models have added weight in the front, center, and end portion where the blades are. This helps with stability when your cutting, pushing the weight of the blade into the branch. A result of this is less work on your part, with a majority of your arm reinforcing the pole to settle on the limb you intend to cut. If your short, things might be a bit more tiring on the arms. A pole saw with decent reach is best for this situation.

The Advantages of using a Cordless Pole Saw

Some of the benefits of using a cordless pole saw might already be obvious to you. Instead of relying on the tangled mess that is the typical corded saw. Since the power source comes from a battery, you’re free to move about with your device as you please. The saws listed above will also be very useful to the disabled, since the work can be done on level ground, lowering the chances of getting injured from climbing up trees. Fewer accessories are needed with poles saws. Don’t worry about climbing any ladders to reach branches, just extend the pole until there’s enough slack to trim the affected area. Then when you’re done, simply take the assembly apart and store it however you would like. There won’t be a need to roll up any cords, so most pole saws can be hoarded where the wired versions can’t.


Have you chosen one of the pole saws shown in the reviews? All five of them have great build quality and have a lot in common with each other. Many of the differences are nuanced, which is why you should look at the Buyer’s Guide for detailed tips to help you pick if you haven’t already. However, two out of the five products stand out the most. They are the Black and Decker LPP120 and Greenworks 40-Volt Pole Saw (listed as the first and second products at the top). If you value things like cutting speed and ease of handling, both of them can help you get your tree branches cut quickly. Yet this isn’t to say that the other products are more rudimentary. In fact, you might like their attributes more. Go with the cordless pole saw that you know is right for your home or work; you won’t be disappointed.

My name is Jack and I cut branches in my garden very often. That’s why I created this site.

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