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5 Best Electric Pole Saws

Best Electric Pole Saws

Most recommended
Sun Joe SWJ800E 8 ft
  • Pole extends to 8.7 ft
  • No Load Speed (rpm) 6000
  • 6.5-amp motor

A good choice too
  • 8 inch cutting bar
  • Up to 100 cuts
  • 2 year limited warranty

A good choice too
  • 10-inch Oregon cutting bar
  • No Load Speed (rpm):6000
  • Automatic lubrication

  • 10-inch Oregon cutting bar
  • Multi-angle head
  • Powerful 8-amp motor

  • Chain Links: 40
  • Auto tension chain system
  • Powerful 8-amp motor

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Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated Electric Pole Saws

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45.16% of users selected Sun Joe SWJ800E 8 ft, 9.68% selected BLACK+DECKER LPP120B, 6.45% selected Sun Joe SWJ802E 9 ft, 19.35% selected Sun Joe SWJ803E 10 ft and 19.35% selected WORX WG309. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

Do you need to tackle some pesky overhead branches or take control of some ever-expanding bushes? Pole saws offer a safe, efficient way to trim away overgrowth and achieve a professionally landscaped look.However, we don’t suggest buying a random motorized cutting device. After all, these tools are engineered to extend over your head. That, dear reader, is a recipe for disaster!

We wanted to find the safest, most efficient, and most affordable pole saws on the market. To do this, we tested top sellers and scrutinized customer reviews. In the end, we’re excited to bring you five beastly tree trimmers. To top things off, we’ve paired our recommendations with an in-depth buying guide. Our goal: to help you make the most informed and sound buying decision!

Sun Joe SWJ800E 8-inch Telescoping Electric Pole Saw – Editor’s Pick

1 Sun Joe SWJ800EIf you’re looking to tackle overhanging limbs and logs, the 8-inch Sun Joe is a reliable option. This telescoping tree and bush cutter can stretch as far as 8.7 feet, offering the average user around 15 feet of extension. The saw’s robust 6.5-amp motor can power through thick limbs.

It also has an all-embracing 8-inch bar, an automatic oiler, and an oil reservoir. All this helps to keep the saw running efficiently from start to finish.

We love that Sun Joe has taken the time to attach some essential safety elements to this astonishing pole saw. The soft foam grip and ergonomic handle make lengthy cutting sessions free from discomfort. What’s more, the saw’s safety switch and plastic blade cover prevent unnecessary accidents. You’ll need to purchase an extension cord to make the most of this premium pole saw. Besides that, assembly and maintenance couldn’t be easier.

This Sun Joe pole saw weighs approximately 7.7 pounds and has an excellent center of gravity. We found it easy to lift and hold overhead. Since there was no need to refill the saw’s gas tank or oil its chain, it had a seemingly endless cutting capacity. The saw even houses a cord lock that prevents it from coming unplugged in the middle of a cutting session.

  • Nearly 9-foot telescoping pole
  • Slices branches 7.5 inches thick
  • Can extend several feet into the air
  • Automatic lubrication
  • 2.7-ounce oil reservoir
  • 2-year manufacturer’s guarantee
  • Phone-based customer service
  • Soft foam grip
  • Trigger lock prevents actual push-button starts

BLACK+DECKER LPP120B 8-inch Pole Saw – Top Budget Pick

5 BLACK DECKER Cordless Pole SawIf corded pole saws aren’t for you, check out this incredible 20-volt pole saw. The saw can be expanded from 6.5 to 10 feet, offering users up to 14 feet of extension. This cutter garners its power from an incredible lithium-ion power cell. The fuel cell is the key to BLACK+DECKER’s interchangeable tool system.

Therefore, it can be paired with several other BLACK+DECKER tools. The rechargeable element provides users with a lengthy work window. The power cell pumps out dozens of cuts per charge. Keep in mind that the power source is sold separately.

The BLACK+DECKER pole saw boasts a durable, yet lightweight fiberglass pole. We found it easy to lift and maneuver the saw at its full length. While we were generally pleased with this cutter, it has a few kinks that are worth noting. For one, the chain develops slack after extensive cutting sessions. On top of that, this pole saw requires manual oiling. While this isn’t the biggest issue, it makes this saw an outlier in the modern tool world.

  • Part of the company’s expansive lithium-ion battery tool family
  • Dozens of cuts charge
  • 14 feet of extendable heat
  • Extends from 6.5 to 10 feet
  • Battery sold separately

Sun Joe SWJ802E 9-Foot Electric Pole Saw with Adjustable Head – Most Versatile Pole Saw Head

Sun Joe SWJ802EIf you’re looking for a pole saw with a versatile cutting head, then check out this 9-foot Sun Joe. The saw weighs just 7.9 pounds. As such, it can be lifted over a user’s head without causing any strain or discomfort. The saw houses a robust motor that is capable of chewing through chunky overhead limbs.

On top of that, the pole saw’s Oregon bar can be positioned in three unique angles. With the help of corded electric power, the saw can cut for hours on end. Its 2-ounce oil reservoir and automated lubricator prevent the chain from drying out in the middle of a cut.

Per usual, Sun Joe has beefed this saw up with some pretty impressive safety features. It has low-kickback protection as well as a slip-resistant ergonomic handle. Just pair the saw with your favorite extension cord. Then, set to work. We love that this beast arrives partially assembled. In a few minutes, the saw is equipped to grind through overhead limbs.

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Sun Joe backs their saw with an extensive 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. What’s more, the company is committed to keeping its prices low while offering phone-based customer service. In our humble opinion, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more approachable tool company. One look at this product’s customer reviews says it all.

  • Part of the company’s expansive lithium-ion battery tool family
  • Adjustable cutting head
  • Can trim thick limbs
  • 2-ounce oil reservoir
  • Extended 2-year manufacturer’s guarentee
  • 10-inch bar
  • Automatic chain lubrication
  • Ergonomic and lightweight
  • Low-capacity oil reservoir need to be monitored regularly

Sun Joe SWJ803E Pole Saw – Customer Choice

6 Sun Joe Electric Multi-Angle Pole Chain SawIf you need a pole saw that’s capable of heavy-duty cutting, check out this hefty 8-amp Sun Joe. The saw boasts a telescoping pole that extends from 5.8 to nearly 9 feet. For most users, this translates to around 14 feet of extendable height. The saw also houses a powerful 8-amp motor.

This beast can slice through 10-inch thick branches. On top of that, its no-load speed engine offers nearly 6,000 rpm of raw cutting power.

We love this Sun Joe’s automatic starter. You can get this chainsaw going with the push of a button. A starter safety switch prevents the tool from powering up without your consent. You can also position the head in three different angles to simplify inconvenient cuts.

Since this Sun Joe is powered by electricity, there’s no need to stock up on gasoline. Its automatic oil keeps the chain well-lubricated during lengthy cutting sessions. It even comes partially assembled. Just pop in your favorite extension cord, top of the oil reservoir, and commence cutting.

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We were surprised by how much power was housed in this tiny pole saw. It’s a budget-rate device with a short cord. Nevertheless, it can be used to tackle some thick overhead limbs and towering bushes. Overall, it’s an exceptional tool for any homeowner who’s looking to improve their landscaping.

  • Telescoping pole that extends from Telescoping 5.8 to 8.8 feet
  • Unlimited cutting sessions
  • 6,000 rpm
  • 14 feet of height
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Short tether

Worx WG309 Combination Pole Saw/Chainsaw – Best Pole Saw/Chainsaw Combo

WORX WG309Do you want a saw that can do both overhead and ground-level cutting? If so, check out the Worx 10-inch pole saw. You can convert this tool from an 8-foot pole saw into a handheld cutter without so much as a single tool. The device features a powerful 8-amp motor. The chain is 10 inches long and has 40 links.

It’s perfect for all sorts of yard work, including slicing up bushes, overhead limbs, and downed tree branches.

At 10 pounds, the Worx can be a bit taxing. Still, its electrically powered motor can power through most branches without coming to a halt. The pole is strong, durable, and easy to assemble. On top of that, the chain oils itself. With a little practice, you can learn to use the saw’s weight as leverage.

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We love that this tool lubricates itself. The oversized oil reservoir will keep your cutter purring long into a job. The chain is also easy to adjust and maintains its tension. However, we recommend adjusting the tension after every dozen or so cuts. These knobs are easy to access and do not require any tools.

  • Coverts from a pole saw to a chainsaw
  • Auto-tension system
  • 120-milliliter oil reservoir
  • 120 volts of power
  • Cut down and chop up tree limbs without changing tools
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Corded electric
  • Weighs 10 pounds

What to Look for in a Pole Saw

There are no secrets surrounding the ideal pole saw. As a consumer, you want to find a cutting device that provides powerful, precise cuts. The saw needs to be safe and fit within your budget. Before you can be sure that a saw meets all your expectations, you need to take a closer look a few of its most important elements.

Bar and Chain

First off, we recommend taking a look at a pole saw’s head. This consists of the saw’s most important elements: the bar and chain. Most pole saw bars range between 8 and 10 inches. A saw this size is suitable for cutting small- to medium-sized limbs and bushes.

Keep in mind that most pole saws feature a stationary head. However, some saws can be locked in at various angles. An adjustable head makes it easier for users to trim between clusters of branches.


Next up, you need to consider the actual length of the pole. Most poles extend several feet. We recommend opting for an adjustable or telescoping pole saw. This way, you will be able to tailor the length of the saw to the branch you wish to tackle. Most pole saws offer at least 6 feet of extendable height.

Power Source

A pole saw’s power source determines its cutting capacity. Consumers can choose between electric-, gas-, and battery-powered models. Each of these power sources has specific benefits and drawbacks.

For one, electric pole saws offer unlimited run times and ample power. Generally, they require very little maintenance. After all, there is no need to top off the gas tank or charge the battery. With no onboard power cell, they also tend to be lighter. However, a cord limits their mobility. Not to mention, a cord can be a nuisance and safety issue.

On the other hand, battery-powered pole saws offer unmatched portability and power. Today, these power tools are paired with powerful rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. More often than not, the batteries can be used interchangeably with tools in the same family. With that said, battery-powered pole saws have limited cutting parameters. Most offer no more than 100 cuts per charge. Therefore, they are not suitable for dense or extensive areas of greenery.

Last but not least, gas pole saws are the workhorses of the group. These powerful devices are dependent on fuel and frequent maintenance. However, they are also portable and powerful. Oftentimes, gas pole saws boast longer bars.

Ergonomics and Weight

Pole saws tend to weigh between 7 and 10 pounds. This weight is divided between the base, pole, and head. It is important to choose a saw that has a clear center of gravity. What’s more, opt for a saw with soft and slip-resistant handles. One of the greatest dangers of overhead cutting is falling limbs. A pole saw should be lightweight and easy to grasp. Therefore, a user can react swiftly to felled branches.

Warranty and Price

Most pole saws are suited for light- to medium-duty yard work. With that said, there are plenty of great options under $100. Don’t forget to add in the cost of fuel, batteries, and extension cords when considering your budget. What’s more, opt for a pole saw that is backed by a warranty. If something goes wrong, you want to be able to go back to the manufacturer for retribution.

Factors to Consider When Buying Electric Pole Saws

Electric pole saws are a versatile tool for trimming branches and pruning trees. When choosing the right electric pole saw, there are several factors to consider. Here is a table comparing different indicators to help you make an informed decision:

Indicator Definition Importance
Power The wattage of the motor Higher power allows for faster and easier cutting, but may also increase weight and price
Bar Length The length of the saw blade Longer bar length allows for cutting thicker branches, but may also increase weight and cost
Weight The weight of the pole saw Lighter weight allows for easier maneuverability and less fatigue, but may sacrifice power and durability
Reach The maximum extension of the pole saw Greater reach allows for cutting higher branches, but may also increase weight and cost
Noise Level The decibel level of the motor Lower noise levels are more pleasant for the user and their neighbors, but may sacrifice power
Price The cost of the pole saw Higher prices may indicate more advanced features or higher quality, but may not always be necessary for basic tasks

This table provides a comparison of various indicators to consider when purchasing an electric pole saw. These indicators include power, bar length, weight, reach, noise level, and price. Power and bar length are important for cutting thicker branches, but may also increase weight and cost. Weight and reach are important for maneuverability and cutting higher branches, but may also sacrifice power and durability. Noise level is important for user comfort and neighbor relations, while price may indicate the presence of advanced features or higher quality. By considering these indicators, you can choose an electric pole saw that best fits your needs and preferences.


What is the best electric pole saw?

The best electric pole saw is the 8-inch electric Sun Joe Pole Saw. This 6.5-amp telescoping pole saw extends 8.7 feet, providing users an average of 15 feet of overhead reach. Its no-load motor maxes out at around 6,000 RPM. The saw weighs less than 8 pounds.

With a maximum sound output of 108 decibels, the Sun Joe is one of the quietest pole saws on the market. On top of that, it has an impressive oil tank capacity. What’s more, its automatic lubrication function keeps the bar well oiled and ready for action.

The Sun Joe has an 8-inch cutting bar. It can chew through branches that are as thick as 7.5 inches. With the Sun Joe, there no need to fill a fuel tank. Just plug this pole saw in and press the start button. A cord lock keeps the saw from coming loose in the middle of a cutting session.

Sun Joe backs all of their pole saws with 2-year warranties. Their no-questions-asked policy makes for hassle-free returns and repairs. Of course, most consumers find it easy to assemble, use, and maintain this incredible pole saw.

What is the longest electric pole saw?

Black + Decker’s 20-volt Max Pole Saw is the longest cutter in our roundup. This incredible pole saw has a telescoping pole that extends from 6.5 to 10 feet. Most users get about 15 feet of reach when using the fully extended Black + Decker pole saw. Of course, each user’s overhead reach is determined by a saw’s length, the user’s height, and the user’s arm length.

Longer pole saws enable workers to reach high branches. However, telescoping poles provide users with unmatched versatility. Adjustable poles allow users to tackle a wide range of tree branches. Make sure you are comfortable working overhead. Always follow proper safety protocols. What’s more, dress for the job. Keep people and pets away from your work area. As always, keep an eye out for falling branches.

What is the best commercial pole saw?

The 9-foot electric Sun Joe is one of our favorite commercial pole saws. The Sun Joe’s head features a 10-inch Oregon bar, a three-point head, and automatic lubrication. This phenomenal product is also backed by a 2-year warranty. Overall, the saw is lightweight and easy to grip. It is easy to assemble. What’s more, we did not feel fatigued after using this amazing saw.

How do you store an electric pole saw?

Disconnect your pole saw’s power cord before placing it in storage. Remove dirt and debris from the bar and chain. Lubricate the chain to prevent rust. Place a plastic cover over the bar. If you are putting your saw away for the season, empty the oil reservoir.

How far does a pole saw extend?

Most pole saws have telescoping poles. The poles range in length from 6 to 10 feet. Keep in mind that the lengths vary between manufacturers. A pole saw’s maximum reach is also determined by a user’s height and arm length.

Manual pole saws extend a bit further, with models ranging from 10 to 20 feet. These poles require more user involvement. While electric pole saws tend to have shorter reaches, they are also much faster and more efficient.

Never attempt to extend your saw’s reach by using a ladder. Ladders and pole saws are not designed to mix. If you’re looking to tackle branches that fall out of your pole saw’s range, it may be time to call in a professional arborist.

What is the lightest pole saw?

At just over 7 pounds, the 8-inch Sun Joe Pole Saw is the lightest model in our roundup. Its compact design makes it easy to lift overhead. When you are working overhead, the extra weight makes a huge difference. Lighter pole saws translate to less fatigue and safer working conditions.

Due to their lack of batteries and fuel reservoirs, electric pole saws tend to be lighter than battery- or gas-powered models. As a result, they are much easier to lift and maneuver. Of course, a pole saw’s usability is also determined by its weight distribution.

Does an electric pole saw need oil?

While electric chain saws do not need fuel to run, they do need oil to function. Electric pole saws have onboard oil reservoirs. They typically hold 2 to 3 ounces of oil. The oil is used to lubricate the bar and chain. It keeps things running smoothly. What’s more, it helps prevent corrosion.

Pole saws are designed to accept bar and chain oil. Always opt for a premium oil. After all, chain and bar lubricant will eventually work its way into a saw’s motor.

How do you sharpen an electric pole saw blade?

You may use a file or a grinder to sharpen the teeth on your pole saw chain. Always separate the pole saw blade from its foundation before attempting to sharpen it.

Use orange oil and a wire brush to remove any stuck-on debris or sediment. Then, secure the saw for sharpening. Place the saw in a table vice, or secure it to your work surface using clamps. You do not want the bar moving around while you are sharpening it.

Ensure that the serrated edge of the blade is facing upward. Sharpen the saw from front to back. Make sure that the metal shards are always being pushed away from your face and body.

Use a file to sharpen the side of your pole saw chain. Then, sharpen the top of the pole saw blade. Use a small file to grind the areas between the spikes. Push the file forward to sharpen the recesses between the teeth. You may need to take several strokes to achieve your desired results. Resist the urge to reverse the file, as this will warp the teeth.

Be sure to direct the file away from your body. You want to work up enough momentum to shave off impurities and maximize the saw’s sharpness. When you are happy with your work, lubricate the bar with a little chainsaw oil.

You can also use a grinder to sharpen your pole saw. Grinders are mechanical tools that are used to sharpen chain saw chains. A grinder will save you time and energy. When using a grinder, it’s essential that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Start by fixing the grinder to your pole saw blade. When it is aligned and tightened, turn on the grinder. Watch as it expertly sharpens each chain tooth.

What safety precautions should I take while using an electric pole saw?

When using an electric pole saw, you should always wear appropriate safety gear, such as gloves, safety glasses, and a hard hat. Additionally, you should make sure the area is clear of any obstacles or people before starting. Finally, never use an electric pole saw in wet conditions, and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use.

Can I use an electric pole saw to prune large branches?

Electric pole saws are designed to handle small to medium-sized branches. If you need to prune larger branches, you may need to consider a gas-powered or professional-grade pole saw.

Can I use an electric pole saw for commercial purposes?

Electric pole saws are primarily designed for residential use. If you need a pole saw for commercial purposes, you should consider a gas-powered or professional-grade pole saw that is specifically designed for heavy-duty use.

How do I maintain my electric pole saw?

To maintain your electric pole saw, you should keep the chain clean and lubricated, and keep the blade sharp. You should also regularly check the tension of the chain and ensure that all the bolts and screws are tight. Finally, store your electric pole saw in a dry and cool place when not in use.

How do I choose the right electric pole saw for my needs?

When choosing an electric pole saw, consider the size of the branches you need to prune, the length of the pole you require, and the weight of the saw. You should also look for additional features, such as an adjustable head or a telescoping pole, to make the saw more versatile. Finally, consider the brand reputation, customer reviews, and warranty before making a purchase.

How do I assemble my electric pole saw?

Most electric pole saws come with detailed instructions for assembly. Make sure to read the instructions carefully and follow the steps in order. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact the manufacturer’s customer service for assistance.

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed our five favorite pole saws! These incredible tools will help you take over your lawn once and for all! Once you have your overhead growth under control, perhaps it will be time to take a look at some chainsaws. After all, you’ll need a tool to cut up all those limbs you plan on removing!