10 Best Pruning Saws for Trees
10 Best Pruning Saws for Trees
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Corona RS 7245
Ergonomically designed handle
Easy to latch blade lock
Blades with up to 6 teeth
EverSaw Folding Saw
Ergonomic handle
Superior design
High quality tool
Heavy Duty Pruning Saw
Ergonomical cushioned handle
Hanging Hole for Storage
Incredibly Strong & Versatile
Curved power blade
Outdoor & survival
Silky 270-33 Zubat
Durable polypropylene sheath
Molded-rubber handle
Silky Professional Series
Blade thickness: 1.8mm
Aluminum handles
Exceptional design
Samurai Ichiban
Kyoku Blade
No clams
Cutting edge shock processing
Pruning efficiency
Easily cut branches
Ergonomically designe
Highest quality
Built for performance
Silky MIRAI-ME Technology
Silky New Professional
Highest quality
Built for performance
Blade Thickness: 1.2mm
I created PoleSawGuide with one simple idea – to assist people who do gardening. In this particular review, I wanted to gather the best pruning saws that my trusted friends or I tested and found if not excellent but good enough tools for recommending to all our readers.

During our tests, we managed to specify 4 major types:

  • Folding tools for manual labor – the best choice for those gardeners who seek a portable and lightweight saw (like EverSaw Folding Saw);
  • Non-folding tools – these saws come with a carrying case or sleeve to avoid any harm during transportation;
  • Classic saws – where the blade comes with a telescoping pole (not a handle). In such a way, a person can easily reach a tree to prune the branches;

You will find different models in this guide, but all of them fall under the above-mentioned types. We tried to cover the features of the best pruning saws attached to the poles (both folding and non-folding ones) from the most recognized brands in the market – TABOR TOOLS, Silky, Samurai Ichiban and POCKETBOY.

Taking into account the price/quality ratio, the Corona RS 7245 model turned out to be the greatest pick. This 7-inch saw with 6 teeth, and the ergonomic handle is only under $30.
We tried to stay unbiased and focused on the pole saws that are awesome for cutting the branches of trees or bushes. In my humble opinion, the best tools come with the practical blades the length of which is no more than 8 inches. That is why all models in this review range between 6-8 inches. Especially look at folding tools that are good for your budget and safe to transport until you need pruning.

Video Tutorial: How to Hand-Prune Trees

My name is Jack and I cut branches in my garden very often. That’s why I created this site.

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  1. There are lots of good pruning saws available in most hardware stores. It is almost hard to go wrong! I recommend finding one that is rust resistant with a molded, rubber handle. This allows you to maintain a comfortable and secure grip when working with the pruning saw for hours on end.

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