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10 Best Hedge Shears

Best Hedge Shears

Most recommended
Gonicc Professional
  • Quality blade
  • Durable Adjustable Handles
  • Adjustable Blade Pressure

A good choice too
Fiskars 9191
  • 8″ steel serrated blades
  • Resists corrosion
  • Durable steel handles

A good choice too
  • Strong telescopic handles
  • Shock absorbing bumpers
  • Blade for precision cuts

Fiskars 23
  • Makes cutting up easier
  • Advanced design
  • Item Weight: 1.8 pounds

Okatsune blade
  • Total Length: 21in
  • Blade Length: 6.9in
  • Item Weight: 1.5 pounds

  • Replaceable blades
  • Superior durability
  • Long lasting sharpness

Jardineer 2Pcs
  • Sharp & wavy blades
  • Save effort & easy use
  • Sharp blade & safe storage

Gnome Pruners
  • Carbon steel blades
  • Soft rubber handles
  • Shock absorbing

Corona HS3244
  • Ergonomically shaped grips
  • Enhanced cutting performance
  • Specially coated

  • Sharp & wavy blades
  • Shock absorbing bumpers
  • Material: Metal

Choose the Best Hedge Shears

Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated Hedge Shears

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56.25% of users selected Gonicc Professional, 6.25% selected Fiskars 9191, 6.25% selected TABOR TOOLS B212A, 0% selected Fiskars 23 and 31.25% selected Okatsune blade. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

If you have softened the fence lines with hedging plants, it probably looks awesome, especially in spring and summer. However, hedging plants also need grooming. And there are special tools you can use to trim hedging. They are called hedge shears. Typically, these are sharp, lightweight and easy to use instruments. The hedge shears will do for a teenager or elderly person. With these tools, productivity during grooming in the garden can increase drastically. 

The results of personal tests and expert recommendations were gathered in the following review. The buying guide follows the small reviews with the pros and cons of each model. But, first, check the comparison table with the major features of premium hedge shears. 

gonicc Professional Hedge Shears– the best for shock-absorbing design!

gonicc Professional Hedge ShearsThis item quickly gets the job done. The blades are made with high carbon steel SK-5. That is why they are super powerful, sturdy and sharp.

Their curved blades allow you to trim the hedges the correct way. It has a closed duration location of 25′′ but can be expanded to as much as 33′′ for distant and near cutting of hedges, no matter where they might be.

  • Can be extended from 25 to 33 inches
  • Carbon steel blades with wavy edges are sharp
  • Durable and adjustable
  • Great shock-absorbing properties
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Bulky
  • Needs regular maintenance with anti-rust oil

The handles are composed of aluminum alloy that ensures a tight grip while their ergonomic design helps it to be secure, comfortable and more sturdy when you are working. It also has a customizable pivot bolt at the base of the blade so you can change the friction between the two blades. This design can enable you to slash through some shrubs, hedges or plants.

Fiskars Power Lever Hedge Shears – the best for the blades!

Fiskars Power Lever Hedge ShearsThe proprietary Power-Lever system comes straight from the popular engineering department at Fiskars with its unique 4-point pivot that multiplies the trimming intensity with every squeeze.

Such a serrated blade holds branches to prevent them from slipping during the cut. Sharp steel blades slash quickly into the harshest fabrics. Soft handles and shock-absorbing bumpers enable you to easily trim in.

  • It offers the Power-lever tech to cut 2 times faster
  • Self-sharpening 8-inch steel blades
  • Anti-rust layer
  • Steel cushioned handles are very durable
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Budget-friendly
  • A bit heavy
  • Lacks security locks

A nice perk is the serrated side of the blades because it assists to capture the branch while the other, sharper side slashes through it. Another advantage of this shear is that Fiskars patented tech to make it where the blade sharpens during application.

TABOR TOOLS B212A Hedge Shears– the best for the extension!

TABOR TOOLS B212A Hedge ShearsThe Tabor Tools hedges come with an extendable telescopic handle. When these hedge shears are not expanded, calculate their maximum length to 25 inches. They will go up to 33′′ all the way, expanded.

The 33-inch blade is significantly longer than almost every other pair of hedge shears currently on the market.

Not only are these shears able to extend past their opponents but they are also relaxed. They come with sturdy, non-slip handles to help hold your balance and shock absorbers so you don’t have your palms smacking together.

  • Durable telescopic handles are made of premium steel
  • Wavy blades of forged carbon steel
  • Shock-absorbing pads on the comfortable handles
  • The blade tension can be adjusted
  • Can cut through dense and high tree branches
  • Heavy
  • Plastic handles

The Tabor Tools shears would also allow you to change the blade tension, so whether you are moving through dense shrubs or hedges you can switch and make things a little easier.

Fiskars PowerGear Hedge Shears– the best for user-friendliness!

Fiskars PowerGear Hedge ShearsFor trimming and forming hedges and decorative shrubs Fiskars 23-inch PowerGear hedge shears can be chosen.

The PowerGear instrument encourages cutting (as opposed to the single-pivot shears). The tool has been developed to minimize hand fatigue that is why arthritis-limited people can prescribe it.

  • Reduced hand fatigue
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Recommended by the U.S. Arthritis Foundation
  • Precise and sharp 10-inch blades
  • Lightweight
  • Plastic handles
  • The back pins can easily break
  • Can rust

It’s compact and small, minimizing stresses on the neck, head, and shoulder; it also allows you optimum angles to ensure the shrubs are efficiently clipped. Its blades are also coated with the anti-rust layer. They have low friction, allowing the blade to slice easily through thick hedges.

Okatsune Precision Hedge Shears– the best for portability!

Okatsune Precision Hedge ShearsIf you have ever thought of becoming a ninja, or if you have tall, bushier-than-normal hedges, the Okatsune shears are the perfect choice for you. The contrast between snipping and cutting the vegetation sounds slight but if you opt for a really professional look, this product can make a huge difference.

These shears are very powerful and have no hedge-cutting issues at the thicker end of the scale.

These shears are crafted with Izumo Yasuki Steel, which is the same material used to produce a Japanese katana. The Okatsune shears cut through the vegetation, foliage and snip the plant rather than split it.

  • Portable and lightweight
  • It can snip through thick leaves and foliage
  • Hand fatigue is reduced to the minimum
  • Made of premium Japanese steel
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Pricey
  • Handles are not very comfortable
  • Not good for cutting through thick branches
  • Can rust

Another attribute of these shears is that they are quite small and lightweight. If the tool were not so strong, it could be easily confused with any traditional scissors. The Okatsune shears weigh about 1.3 pounds – if you are searching for anything that will not tire out your arms and legs, this product could be a decent choice.

The Buyer’s Guide:

Size and weight

Size and weight are crucial things to consider when choosing hedge shears, particularly if you are going to apply them frequently.   For instance, if you’re short on space, you want something lightweight that is simple to pack.

Even then, a cheaper, smaller set of shears is safer since they are going to be easy to deal with over longer times. You’ll typically be keeping the shears above your head or away from your body as you cut. Whether you intend to use them for a couple of hours at a time, you intend something you can hold on to for a long time. For this cause, search for a lightweight pair of shears.

If you need to remove branches that are hard to reach, having a pair of portable shears can be quite useful.

Quality of blades

Getting a curved blade is usually deemed greater than just a straight blade. Curved blades make for greater accuracy and a smoother break. If you want a serrated blade or not may rely on the kind of branches that you are cutting. If you are struggling with thicker trees, you may want a tightened blade to better hack them open. If you are concerned with smaller pieces, only using straight blades would suffice.

The distinction between and wavy straight blades is that their cutting also renders wavy blades even more direct and tidy. It also helps avoid gumming up the blades and making severe, hard wounds.

Cutting capacity

When searching for hedge shears, the cutting capability is an essential factor so you want one that can accommodate the cutting amount you need to do. You should focus your preference on the amount of chopping you need to do and the width of the branches you have to remove.

Purchasing the tool with a higher cutting capacity is better than you really need instead of buying one with a poor cutting ability and only finding out you need higher.

Ease of use

It is vital to have simple-to-use shears particularly for those who regularly use their shears. Tough-to-use shears will easily induce exhaustion that will interfere with your productivity. Applying hedge shears can also be challenging to operate if they have so many adjustability capabilities intended for pros, so it will be best to choose the tools that are beyond the operational expertise range.


Some shears may have padding on the grips or shock-absorption bumpers where the handles fall together to relieve the stress on the sides. Others have a simple cutting method like a scissor and some are a little tougher to open and shut.

Extra features

Fewer blades have a coating that can resist rusting and gumming, which is handy when subjected to branch sap continuously. Some shears have a flexible pivot-bolt that lets you alter the tension of the blade.

Only the best shears will do when it comes to trimming your shrubs, hedges, and decorative plants. With the info gathered in this article, it should not be so difficult to make a good choice. The top-notch hedge shears will bring out the beauty and style of your garden.

Shears for hedges will help to keep your outdoor property clean and nice-looking. There are literally hundreds of these cutters in the U.S. market. That’s why the team of PoleSawGuide decided to test about 30 different items (thanks to our friends who own the specialized store and provided the models for testing). We spent over 50 hours of close comparisons. And, at last, create the ultimate review of gardening shears online (according to our humble opinion).

Our criteria for testing the exceptional shearing cutters for hedges were quite simple:

  • Durability;
  • The simplicity of use;
  • Cost;
  • Design and additional features;
  • Overall rating made after the series of unbiased tests of different people (from our team and online users we don’t know);

The one remarkable thing to mention – there are plenty of U.S. brands that release shearing instruments. Gardeners and experts picked the Gonicc Professional tool after multiple tests. It’s not the most recognized brand like Fiskars, ARS, Tabor Tools, Corona that are also presented in this list. Personally, I think that about dozens of various cutters that we didn’t include in this review could eventually take place, but we have tested a limited number of instruments.

In general, make sure to buy an appliance costing more than $50. Besides, the special anti-corrosion coating is must-have, with sharp blades and improved performance rates.

Video Tutorial: How to Use Hedge Shears

Factors to Consider When Buying Hedge Shears

When it comes to maintaining your garden, hedge shears are an essential tool for trimming and shaping hedges, bushes, and shrubs. However, with so many different types and models of hedge shears available in the market, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. To make the selection process easier, we have created a table comparing various factors to consider when buying hedge shears.

Factor Description
Blade Length The length of the blade determines how much of the hedge can be cut in a single stroke.
Blade Material The material of the blade affects the durability and sharpness of the hedge shears. Common materials include steel, carbon, and titanium.
Blade Type The type of blade determines the cutting action of the hedge shears. Straight blades are best for shaping hedges, while wavy blades are better for cutting thicker branches.
Grip The grip of the hedge shears affects the comfort and control of the user. Look for ergonomically designed grips with anti-slip features.
Weight The weight of the hedge shears can affect the ease of use and maneuverability. Lighter shears may be easier to handle for longer periods, while heavier shears may provide more cutting power.
Price The price of hedge shears can vary widely depending on the brand, quality, and features. Consider your budget and the frequency of use when selecting the right hedge shears for you.

This table highlights some of the key factors to consider when buying hedge shears. By evaluating these factors, you can choose the hedge shears that best meet your gardening needs, budget, and personal preferences.


Are serrated hedge shears better?

Serrated hedge shears are not always better than other types of hedge shears. They may be better for cutting through thicker branches, but they can also be more difficult to use and can cause damage to the plants if not used correctly. You also will need to seek the help of a professional if you want to sharpen them. Consider your needs before choosing serrated or non-serrated hedge shears.

If you have a lot of thick branches to cut, serrated hedge shears will probably be the best option for you. However, if you only have light trimming to do, non-serrated hedge shears will work just fine and may be easier to use. Be sure to read reviews from other customers before making your decision so that you know what to expect from each type of blade. [1], [2]

How do I choose a hedge shear?

There are a few things you need to consider when choosing the best hedge shears for your needs.

Think about the size of the hedge you need to trim. Hedge shears come in different sizes, so make sure you get the right ones for the job. Bigger shears will weigh more and this will strain your hands faster.

Cutting mechanisms are also important factors to consider. Choosing the right one can help you cut thicker branches with ease.

It’s also critical to think about the handle design. You want a pair of hedge shears with handles that feel good in your hands and have a firm grip.

Also, think about what type of blade material you prefer. Blades can be made from stainless steel, carbon steel, or come with non-stick coating. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Blades also can come in different shears shapes: wavy or straight. Wavy blades provide you with a better grip on twigs while straight blades let you finish your trimming job faster. [1], [2], [3]

Can you trim a hedge with shears?

Yes, you can trim a hedge with shears. In fact, many people prefer to use shears for smaller hedges.

Hedge shears are great for trimming small and medium-sized hedges. If you have a large hedge that needs trimmed, you may want to consider using a hedge trimmer instead. Hedge trimmers are designed specifically for cutting through thicker branches and leaves. They can quickly take down even the largest of hedges. Although even hedge trimmer sometimes is not enough. [4], [5]

How thick a branch can a hedge trimmer cut?

The thickness of the branch that a hedge trimmer can cut depends on the power of the hedge trimmer and the type of blade it has. Most hedge trimmers have a dual-action blade, which means that it can cut branches easily. Hedge trimmers can cut branches less than ¾ an inch. If you have branches thicker than that, you might need to use a pruning saw to cut them. [6], [7]

What are forged hedge shears?

Forged hedge shears are constructed of forged steel, which is why they’re so robust. They’re also frequently more costly than other forms of hedge shears. If you intend on using your hedge shears on a regular basis, the additional expense may be worth it.

Forged hedge shears also have a sharper blade, which makes them perfect for precise cuts. Because they are made from forged still, there is also less chance for the blades to become misaligned over time. This means that you can count on your forged hedge shears to provide accurate cuts for many years to come. Wavy blade shape also provides users with a better grip and makes every cut sharper. [8], [9]

What are wavy hedge shears?

A wavy hedge shear is a kind of hedge shear with a wave-like blade rather than a straight blade. This form is intended to make it easier to cut through branches and give more grip control to the user. Professionals in the field use wavy hedge shears because they swiftly and neatly trim hedges without injuring the tree’s branches near the earth.

However, keep in mind that wavy hedge shears can be more difficult to use than other types of hedge shears. They require more precision and can be harder to clean. [1], [2], [3]

What month do you trim hedges?

It all depends on the type of hedge you have, as well as the climatic conditions in your area. Trimming should be done at least once a year, however some people do it twice a year. Formal hedges need to be pruned more often than other hedges.

If you have a new hedge, then you will want to trim it in the early spring or winter before new growth starts. New hedges require a formative pruning every single year.

You may also need to trim hedges more often if they are getting too large or if they are being damaged by pests or diseases. Consult with an expert to determine when and how often your hedges should be trimmed. [4], [10]

What do you use hedge shears for?

There are a few different reasons you might want to use hedge shears. Perhaps you’re trying to trim a hedge? Maybe you have some overgrown bushes that need pruning? Hedge shears can also be useful for deadheading flowers, cutting through small branches, or even stripping leaves from stems. Basically, if there’s something that needs to be cut and it’s not too big or too thick, hedge shears will probably do the trick. [1]

How do you cut thick hedge branches?

To cut thick branches you should look for a pair of shears with long wavy blades and a sturdy build. The blades should also be sharp so that they can easily slice through the branch.

When using hedge shears on a thick branch, make sure to place your hands in the middle of the handles and apply even pressure as you cut. Don’t try to force the shears open by using only your arms – this will put too much stress on the joint and could damage them. Instead, use your body weight to help you cut through the branch.

If you’re having difficulty cutting through a particularly thick branch, consider employing a saw or loppers instead. They will provide you with more leverage and make the task much simpler. [1], [7]

How do you sharpen hedge shears?

Hedge shears can be sharpened with a honing stone file. First, find the angle you need to sharpen the blade at. Second, hold the blade at that angle and sharpen it using the tool of your choice. Be careful not to sharpen the blade too much or you will damage it. You should only have to do this once every few months.

If your hedge shears get dull more quickly, you may need to apply a light oil coating after sharpening. The blades will not rust and grow dull again if a lubricant is applied on them right after. Don’t forget to clean your hedge shears after each use too! Cleaning them will extend their life and ensure that they operate smoothly. [11]

How much do garden shears weigh?

This is an important question to consider if you are working with a lot of heavy shrubs. Heavier shears will be more difficult to use for extended periods of time. The weight of garden shears can vary depending on the make and model, but blade length plays the biggest role here. Go for the shears that weigh less than 2 pounds. This makes them easy to use and maneuver around your garden. [1], [2], [3]

Is it OK to trim hedges in the summer?

Yes, you can trim hedges during the summer; in fact maintenance trimming is generally performed during this season. However, you should avoid trimming them during the hottest part of the day and water the hedges in evenings. Try to trim your hedges in the early morning or evening when it is cooler. Trimming your plants when they are dry will do more harm than good to them. [4], [10]

How do I keep my garden shears sharp?

Keeping your garden shears sharp is easy with a honing stone. Honing stones are available at most hardware stores and can be used to sharpen the blades of your gardening shears. A file is another option you can go for. Be careful to not apply too much pressure when sharpening your blades, or you will risk breaking them.

Another way to keep your garden shears sharp is to clean them on a regular basis. Cleaning them will remove any built-up dirt or sap that may be on the blades. To clean your shears, soak them in a mild soap and water solution for several minutes. Before storing them, make sure they’re completely dry. [11], [12]

Can you sharpen hedge shears with sandpaper?

No, it is not recommended to sharpen hedge shears with sandpaper. This won’t be nearly as effective. Instead, use a sharpening stone or file to sharpen the blades. 300-grit sandpaper can only be used to remove the rust and the burs from the back of your shears’ blade. [11], [12]

What are the different types of hedge shears?

There are several types of hedge shears, including single-edged, double-edged, and compound-action. Single-edged shears are ideal for detailed trimming, while double-edged shears are better suited for thicker branches. Compound-action shears feature a lever mechanism that multiplies cutting power and reduces fatigue.

What should I look for when buying hedge shears?

When purchasing hedge shears, it’s important to consider the blade length, blade material, and handle comfort. Longer blades are ideal for larger hedges, while shorter blades are better suited for precision trimming. High-quality blade materials, such as carbon steel or titanium, are more durable and will provide a cleaner cut. Comfortable handles with a good grip can reduce hand fatigue and improve control.

How do I maintain my hedge shears?

To maintain your hedge shears, it’s important to keep the blades clean and sharp. After each use, wipe the blades down with a cloth and oil them to prevent rust. Sharpen the blades regularly with a sharpening stone or file to ensure a clean cut. Additionally, keep the pivot screw lubricated to ensure smooth movement.

What safety precautions should I take when using hedge shears?

When using hedge shears, it’s important to wear protective gloves and eye goggles to prevent injury from flying debris. Always cut away from your body and keep your fingers away from the blades. When not in use, store the shears in a safe and secure location, out of reach of children and pets.

How do I use hedge shears to create different hedge shapes?

To create different hedge shapes with hedge shears, start by trimming the sides of the hedge to the desired width. Then, trim the top of the hedge in a straight line to create a flat surface. For rounded shapes, angle the shears slightly while cutting to create a curved edge. For pointed shapes, make small cuts at an angle until the desired shape is achieved.

Final Words

Instead of summing up, I’d like to say that cutters for hedges aren’t the most necessary tools for all gardeners, but in some cases, they are irreplaceable when the yard is covered with bushes and low trees. I also added a special video tutorial that explains how to use these instruments safely. Make sure to leave your feedback about the products from the list and other tools that we skipped during our tests.


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