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Sun Joe SWJ807E Review

Are you looking for a powerful electric pressure washer to help you with your cleaning needs? If so, the Sun Joe SWJ807E might be the perfect option for you. This machine is powerful and efficient, and it comes with a variety of features that make it an ideal choice for homeowners. In this article, we will take a closer look at the Sun Joe SWJ807E and answer some of the most common questions about this product. We will also provide a full-length product review and offer some useful tips on how to get the most out of your pressure washer.

Sun Joe SWJ807E

9 Sun Joe Electric Convertible Pole Chain SawLooking for an easy and efficient way to trim those pesky overhanging branches and thin logs? Look no further than the Sun Joe SWJ807E, a 2-in-1 pole chainsaw or chainsaw that packs a powerful punch. Featuring a robust 8-amp motor, the SWJ807E can handle even the most stubborn tree limbs up to 9.5 inches thick with ease.

And with its telescoping pole, you can extend its reach up to 8.8 feet to get those hard-to-reach areas. Plus, the 10-inch cutting bar and chain with automatic lubrication makes for quick and effortless cuts every time. And best of all, it’s CSA approved and comes with a full 2-year warranty. So why wait? Order your Sun Joe SWJ807E today![2]

Sun Joe SWJ807E Pole Saw User Manual

Having problem? Download Sun Joe SWJ807E 10 inch 8.0 Amp Electric Convertible Pole Chain Saw instructions.

Pros & Cons of Sun Joe SWJ807E

  • Powerful motor can handle tough cuts
  • Telescoping pole for extended reach
  • Automatic lubrication system keeps the chain running smoothly
  • Comes with a full two-year warranty

  • Some users have reported that the saw is difficult to start
  • The chain can sometimes come off the bar

Buyer’s Guide

About Sun Joe

Sun Joe is a leading manufacturer of high-quality outdoor power equipment. Their products are designed to offer the perfect blend of power and performance, and they have a reputation for being tough, durable, and reliable. In addition to pressure washers, Sun Joe also makes lawn mowers, snow blowers, leaf blowers, and more. So whether you need help with your yard work or your winter weather preparations, Sun Joe has the right tool for the job.

What to look for in a pole saw

Saw length

The first thing you need to consider is how long of a pole you’ll need. Most importantly, you’ll want to make sure the pole is long enough for you to reach whatever branches or limbs you’re trying to trim without having to use a ladder.

Saw length

Pole saws typically range in length from about six feet to over 20 feet. Of course, the longer the pole, the more expensive it will be. So, if you only have occasional need for a pole saw and don’t want to spend a lot of money, a shorter model should suffice.

However, if you plan on using your pole saw on a regular basis or have high branches that are difficult to reach, investing in a longer model would be a good idea.

Pole length

Pole saws come in all different shapes and sizes. The most important factor to consider when choosing a pole saw is the length. You want to make sure that the pole saw you choose is long enough to reach the branches you need to cut, but not so long that it’s difficult to control.

Finally, you’ll want to consider the blade size. The blade size will determine how thick of a branch you can cut. If you’re only going to be cutting small branches, a smaller blade may suffice. However, if you need to cut thicker branches, you’ll need a larger blade.

Comfort and ease of use

When you’re looking for a pole saw, comfort and ease of use should be at the top of your list. After all, you’ll be spending a lot of time with this tool, so you want to make sure it’s comfortable to use. Look for features like an adjustable handle and padded grip. And, of course, make sure it’s lightweight enough that you can easily carry it around.

Sun Joe SWJ807E 10 inch 8 Amp electric pole saw: Features

The Sun Joe SWJ807E is an electric pole saw that has a lot to offer. It features a powerful motor that can handle tough cuts, and it also has an extendable pole that lets you reach high branches with ease. It also comes with a detachable saw head that makes it easy to use and store.

Here are some of the key features and benefits of the Sun Joe SWJ807E:

  • Powerful motor: The Sun Joe SWJ807E features a powerful motor that can handle tough cuts.
  • Extendable pole: The Sun Joe SWJ807E has an extendable pole that lets you reach high branches with ease.
  • Detachable saw head: The Sun Joe SWJ807E has a detachable saw head that makes it easy to use and store.
  • Safety features: The Sun Joe SWJ807E comes with safety features that make it safe to use.

Pole Length: All you need

The Sun Joe SWJ807E pole saw is a great choice for anyone looking for an easy to use, lightweight and affordable pole saw. This electric pole saw is perfect for trimming branches and cutting through small trees.

The pole length is extendable from six to ten feet, making it ideal for reaching high branches.

The Sun Joe SWJ807E also features an automatic chain tension system that keeps the chain tight and prevents it from coming loose while in use. The Sun Joe SWJ807E also has a built-in safety switch that prevents the chainsaw from being turned on accidentally.

Saw length on the Sun Joe

The Sun Joe SWJ807E is a great saw for anyone looking for a durable and powerful option.

It has a length of 18 inches, which makes it ideal for cutting through branches and logs with ease.

The blade is also made of high-quality steel that will stay sharp for a long time.

Saw length on the Sun Joe

One thing to note about the Sun Joe SWJ807E is that it does not come with a battery or charger. This means you will need to purchase these items separately. However, the saw does come with a two-year warranty so you can be confident in its quality.

Comfort and ease of use: The differentiator

The Sun Joe SWJ807E is one of those rare products that’s both comfortable and easy to use. It has a wide, ergonomic handle that’s easy to grip, and the chainsaw is well-balanced so it doesn’t feel too heavy. The chain tensioning system is also very user-friendly, so you can quickly adjust the tightness of the chain without having to remove the bar.

All of these features combine to make the Sun Joe SWJ807E one of the most comfortable and easy-to-use electric chainsaws on the market. And that’s why we think it’s the best choice for most people.

Cost and value

The Sun Joe SWJ807E is an electric pole saw that costs around $130. For that price, you get a powerful and versatile saw that can handle a variety of tasks. It’s a great value for the money and should last for years with proper care.[1]

Factors to Consider When Buying Sun Joe SWJ807E Pole Saw

When buying a Sun Joe SWJ807E Pole Saw, there are several factors to consider that can affect its performance and your overall satisfaction with the product. Here is a comparison of various indicators to help you make an informed decision:

Factor Description Ideal Value
Bar Length The length of the saw blade in inches. 10-12 inches
Power Source The type of power source the pole saw uses, such as electric or gas. Electric
Power Output The amount of power the motor produces, typically measured in amps or horsepower. 7-10 amps
Weight The weight of the pole saw, including the saw blade and other attachments. Less than 15 pounds
Reach The maximum distance the pole saw can extend from the operator. At least 10 feet
Cutting Capacity The thickness of the branch or limb that the pole saw can cut through. Up to 7 inches
Features Additional features such as automatic oiling, adjustable cutting angles, or detachable saw blades. Depends on personal preference

This table outlines several key factors to consider when purchasing a Sun Joe SWJ807E Pole Saw. The ideal values provided for each factor can serve as a guideline for choosing the best pole saw for your needs. Bar length, power source, power output, weight, reach, and cutting capacity are all important considerations that can affect the efficiency and effectiveness of your pole saw. Additional features may also be important, depending on your personal preferences and intended use.


Is a pole saw worth it?

A pole saw can be a very useful tool, especially if you have a lot of trees on your property. It can help you save time and money by allowing you to trim branches yourself instead of hiring someone to do it for you.

Is a pole saw worth it?

There are a few things to consider before purchasing a pole saw, such as the type of tree you need to trim and the height of the branches. If you have taller trees, you may want to invest in a longer pole saw so that you can reach higher branches.

Pole saws vary in price, but you can usually find one that fits your budget. Some models even come with features like an extendable pole or a detachable chainsaw head, which can make them even.

How big of a branch can you cut with a pole saw?

Pole saws are a great way to trim branches without having to climb a ladder, and the Sun Joe SWJ807E is one of the best on the market. It’s easy to use and comes with everything you need to get started, including a blade guard, pole saw stand, and an operator’s manual.

Which is better: a gas or electric pole saw?

If you’re looking for a pole saw to help you with your landscaping and gardening projects, you may be wondering whether a gas or electric model is the better option. Here’s a quick overview of the pros and cons of each type of pole saw to help you make your decision:

Gas pole saws are more powerful than electric models, so they can handle tougher cutting jobs. However, they’re also heavier and more difficult to operate.

Electric pole saws are lighter and easier to use than gas models, but they’re not as powerful. However, they’re still capable of handling most common cutting jobs around the home.

Can a pole saw trim hedges?

Pole saws are not just for cutting down trees. In fact, they can be quite handy for trimming hedges as well. If you have a hedge that is starting to get a bit too wild, then a pole saw can help you tame it. Just make sure that you get a pole saw with an extendable reach so that you can reach the top of the hedge.

Can a pole saw cut through metal?

No, a pole saw cannot cut through metal. However, it can certainly cut through thick branches and tree trunks. If you need to cut through something like metal fencing, then you will need to use a different type of tool.

What can I cut with a pole saw?

You can cut branches that are up to six inches in diameter with a pole saw. If you need to cut branches that are thicker than that, you will need to use a chainsaw.

What can I cut with a pole saw?

Pole saws are also great for pruning trees and shrubs. If you have some overgrown bushes in your yard, a pole saw can help you get them back under control.

How long should a pole saw chain last?

The average pole saw chain will last around 20-30 hours of use before it needs to be replaced. However, this number can vary depending on the type of wood you’re cutting and how often you’re using the pole saw. If you’re only using your pole saw for light pruning tasks, then your chain may last longer than if you’re constantly cutting through thick branches.

To get the most out of your pole saw chain, it’s important to keep it clean and lubricated. A dull or dirty chain will not only make your job harder, but it can also damage the bar and motor of your pole saw. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and lubricating your chain to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

How does Sun Joe SWJ807E pole saw work?

Sun Joe SWJ807E pole saw is an electric-powered tool that requires a power source to operate. It features a telescoping pole that extends up to 8.8 feet, allowing you to reach high branches without using a ladder. Once you turn the tool on, the chain on the bar rotates at high speed, allowing you to cut through branches with ease.

How do I assemble Sun Joe SWJ807E pole saw?

Assembling Sun Joe SWJ807E pole saw is a straightforward process. First, attach the handle to the pole by aligning the button on the handle with the hole on the pole and pushing it in. Next, align the arrow on the motor housing with the arrow on the pole and push it in until it clicks. Finally, attach the bar and chain by sliding them onto the motor housing and tightening the screw to secure them in place.

Is Sun Joe SWJ807E pole saw easy to use?

Yes, Sun Joe SWJ807E pole saw is easy to use. Its lightweight design and comfortable grip make it easy to maneuver, even when you’re working at a height. The saw features a safety switch that prevents accidental startups, and its automatic oiling system ensures that the chain stays lubricated during use.

What safety measures should I take when using Sun Joe SWJ807E pole saw?

When using Sun Joe SWJ807E pole saw, it’s important to follow these safety measures:

  • Wear eye and ear protection
  • Wear gloves to protect your hands from the chain
  • Make sure the saw is assembled correctly and the chain is properly tensioned
  • Do not use the saw on a ladder or other unstable surface
  • Do not touch the chain while the saw is in operation
  • Keep the saw away from children and pets

Can I adjust the length of Sun Joe SWJ807E pole saw?

Yes, you can adjust the length of Sun Joe SWJ807E pole saw. It features a telescoping pole that extends up to 8.8 feet, allowing you to reach high branches without using a ladder. You can adjust the length of the pole by loosening the collar clamp and sliding the inner pole to the desired length. Once you’ve adjusted the pole, tighten the collar clamp to secure it in place.

Can I use Sun Joe SWJ807E pole saw to cut thick branches?

Yes, you can use Sun Joe SWJ807E pole saw to cut thick branches. It comes with an 8-inch Oregon bar and chain that makes cutting branches up to 7.5-inches thick easier and faster. However, it’s important to note that cutting thicker branches may put a strain on the motor and reduce the lifespan of the chain.

How often should I sharpen the chain of Sun Joe SWJ807E pole saw?

The frequency of sharpening the chain of Sun Joe SWJ807E pole saw depends on the frequency of use and the type of wood you’re cutting. As a general rule, you should sharpen the chain every 2-3 hours of use, or when you notice the saw is struggling to cut through branches. You can sharpen the chain yourself using a chainsaw file or take it to a professional for sharpening.

What type of oil should I use for Sun Joe SWJ807E pole saw?

You should use bar and chain oil specifically designed for chainsaws on Sun Joe SWJ807E pole saw. This oil is formulated to lubricate the chain and bar, reducing friction and wear. Using other types of oil may damage the saw and reduce its lifespan.

How do I maintain Sun Joe SWJ807E pole saw?

Maintaining Sun Joe SWJ807E pole saw is important to ensure its longevity and performance. Here are some maintenance tips:

  • Regularly check the chain tension and adjust it as needed
  • Keep the chain lubricated with bar and chain oil
  • Clean the saw after each use to remove debris and dirt
  • Store the saw in a dry place, away from moisture and sunlight
  • Check the screws and bolts for tightness and tighten if needed

What is the warranty period for Sun Joe SWJ807E pole saw?

Sun Joe SWJ807E pole saw comes with a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase. This warranty covers defects in material and workmanship and provides free repairs or replacement of the product. However, the warranty does not cover damages caused by misuse, abuse, or normal wear and tear.

Can I use Sun Joe SWJ807E pole saw for commercial purposes?

Sun Joe SWJ807E pole saw is designed for residential use and is not recommended for commercial purposes. Using it for commercial purposes may void the warranty and reduce its lifespan. If you need a pole saw for commercial purposes, it’s recommended to look for a professional-grade model that can handle heavy use.

Video Guide: How To Use Sun Joe SWJ807E


After reading this Sun Joe SWJ807E review, you should have a pretty good idea about whether or not this is the right product for you. If you’re looking for an electric chainsaw that’s easy to use and can handle a variety of different tasks, then the Sun Joe SWJ807E is definitely worth considering.

Of course, like any other product, there are some downsides to the Sun Joe SWJ807E as well. One of the biggest complaints is that it doesn’t have enough power for some users. Additionally, some people have had issues with the chain coming off during use.

Overall, though, the Sun Joe SWJ807E is a great electric chainsaw that’s perfect for homeowners and casual users alike. If you’re looking for an affordable and easy-to-use chainsaw, then the Sun Joe SWJ807E is definitely worth checking out.


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