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Dewalt DCPS620B Review

Dewalt DCPS620B Review

Looking for a powerful and reliable pole saw? The Dewalt DCPS620B might be just what you need! This article provides an in-depth review of the features and benefits of this saw, as well as some tips on how to get the most out of it. So, read on for making an informed purchase decision.

Dewalt DCPS620B
The Dewalt DCPS620B is a cordless pole saw extendable up to 15 ft, giving you the reach needed for those hard-to-reach areas. It’s powered by Lithium-Ion Battery system, which provides plenty of power and long run times. The DCPS620B also has an 8″ Oregon bar and chain for increased cutting efficiency, as well as a brushless motor for improved performance. Additionally, it includes a comfortable grip handle with padded wrap for better control.


  • Color Yellow/Black
  • Blade Material Metal
  • Surface Recommendation Metal
  • Battery Powered
  • 8-inch low-kickback, full-compliment bar and chain
  • Battery and Charger not included


The DCPS620B is a powerful saw that can tackle tough jobs. The brushless motor offers increased efficiency and power, while the 8″ Oregon bar and chain help you cut through limbs quickly and easily. Additionally, the 15-ft reach means you can get to hard-to-reach areas without getting on a ladder or in an unsafe position. And with its lightweight design, it’s easy to maneuver around your yard.


In addition to the power and performance, the Dewalt DCPS620B has several useful features. The padded grip handle with ergonomic wrap provides comfort and control when operating the saw. It also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap for added convenience. And with its low-kickback design, you can be sure of safe and efficient operation every time.

Table of Contents

Dewalt DCPS620B User Manual

Having a problem? Download Dewalt DCPS620B instructions.

Pros & Cons of Dewalt DCPS620B

  • Extension for up to 15 ft reach
  • Durable cutting grip
  • Brushless motor
  • Auto oiling

  • Overloads easily but recovers once you release the trigger
  • The head weight is too heavy for the length

Buyer’s Guide

What is a Pole Saw?

A pole saw is a gardening tool that allows you to trim and prune trees, shrubs, and hedges in hard-to-reach places. It’s like having an extra-long branch cutter or hedge trimmer.

Pole saws are made up of two components: the motor and the blade. The motor powers the saw while the blades cut branches.

The blades can be either manual or electric depending on the type of saw you choose.

Pole saws are great for pruning trees with large limbs. They also come in handy when trying to shape your garden into a more aesthetic layout by trimming borders and pathways. A pole saw is a great tool to have in your garden shed if you want to keep your trees and hedges looking neat and tidy.

Type of Pole Saw

Pole saws come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles. It’s important to choose the right one for your specific needs.

Type of Pole Saw

There are three main types of pole saws: manual, electric, and gas-powered.


Gas-powered pole saws are the most powerful and heavy-duty type. They are driven by a gas engine and provide enough power to tackle thicker branches or limbs. They offer a longer reach than both electric and manual saws, but they can be bulky and difficult to maneuver.


Electric saws are powered by electricity and are typically much lighter than their gas-powered counterparts. They’re ideal for smaller jobs, but don’t have the same cutting power. Electric poles also offer more precise control, so they’re great for detailed work like pruning or trimming branches near windows or other delicate areas.


Cordless saws offer the same power and reach as electric models, but without the need for a power cord. They’re great for jobs in remote areas or when outlets are not available. They come with rechargeable batteries that can last up to several hours on a single charge. [1]


Manual pole saws are the lightest and easiest to use. They require no power source, so they’re perfect for small pruning jobs or when you need to get into tight spaces. Manual poles are also generally much cheaper than other types.

Make sure it’s the right size and type for your needs. With a little research and insight, you can find the perfect pole saw for whatever job you have at hand!

Factors to Consider While Purchasing Dewalt DCPS620B Pole Saw

When you’re looking to purchase a Dewalt DCPS620B Pole Saw, there are a few factors you should keep in mind. To make sure that your purchase is worth the money, here are some of the key points to look for when shopping for this device.

Cutting Blade Length

The Dewalt DCPS620B comes with an 8-inch blade, which is great for cutting through thick branches. However, if you need to make longer cuts, then consider investing in a model that has a larger blade length.


The Dewalt DCPS620B can extend up to 12 feet, so you’ll be able to reach most branches without having to get on a ladder.


If your sawing needs require you to reach higher trees, then consider investing in the model with an extended reach of 16 feet.

Material And Durability

The Dewalt DCPS620B is constructed with durable materials that are designed to last for years. It has an anti-vibration feature and a robust motor, so it can handle tough jobs without any issues.

Be sure to check the manufacturer’s warranty and customer reviews before making your purchase to make sure you’re getting a quality product.


The Dewalt DCPS620B doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, but it should be cleaned and lubricated regularly to keep it in good working order. Be sure to follow the instructions included with the saw to avoid any damage or injury.


The Dewalt DCPS620B is lightweight, making it easy to maneuver and transport. This makes it ideal for tackling jobs in tight spaces or on uneven ground. Keep in mind that the weight of the pole saw can be affected by the battery pack, so make sure you factor this into your decision when deciding which model is right for you.


The Dewalt DCPS620B has great balance and is easy to use even in awkward positions. This makes it a great choice for experienced sawers as well as those starting out.


The Dewalt DCPS620B is available in a variety of price ranges, so make sure you shop around to find the best deal for your budget. Be sure to consider all of the features included in the model you’re considering and read customer reviews before making your purchase.


The Dewalt DCPS620B comes with a 3-year limited warranty, so you can be confident in your purchase. Be sure to register your saw online to take advantage of this coverage. [2]


Purchasing a Dewalt DCPS620B Pole Saw is a big decision. Be sure to keep these factors in mind to ensure that you’re getting the right model for your needs. With a little research, you’ll be able to find the perfect saw for your next project.

Safety Tips to Consider While Using Dewalt DCPS620B Pole Saw

  • Always wear protective equipment when using the saw, such as eye protection, heavy-duty gloves and a hard hat or hearing protection.
  • Use only extension cords that are rated for outdoor use, capable of carrying the required wattage and in good condition to avoid electric shock or electrical fires.
  • Make sure you read the instruction manual carefully before use to become familiar with all safety precautions associated with operating the pole saw correctly.
  • Keep your work area clean to reduce tripping hazards and other potential safety risks while working around the pole saw precariously perched near overhead branches or wires.
  • Be aware of where your hands are at all times because even if an unexpected kickback or flying debris doesn’t cause injury, the saw may.
  • Always check that the power switch is in the “OFF” position when unplugging and plugging in the Dewalt DCPS620B Pole Saw or any other power tool.
  • Be aware of your surroundings, including overhead branches and wires, to prevent injuries from falling debris or contact with electricity while using the pole saw.
  • Make sure you use an appropriate ladder for reaching higher branches instead of standing on a chair or furniture which can be dangerous and unstable when using the pole saw for extended periods of time.
  • Replace broken parts immediately to reduce risk of electric shock, kickback or other accidents.
  • Always unplug the Dewalt DCPS620B Pole Saw while changing blades, performing maintenance or service work and when not in use.

Wear the proper chainsaw Safety Gear

  • Wear proper hearing protection to protect your ears from the loud noise produced by the saw during use.
  • Wear heavy-duty, nonslip boots to give you better footing while using the pole saw and reduce the chance of slipping or dropping it.
  • Wear thick protective gloves to protect your hands from flying debris and cuts that may occur when handling wood with a sharp cutting tool like a chainsaw.
  • Put on protective clothing such as long pants, long sleeves and chaps for additional protection against flying debris or contact with sharp edges of the saw’s cutting teeth or chain.
  • Always wear safety glasses or goggles when operating any power tools, including the Dewalt DCPS620B Pole Saw, to protect your eyes from flying debris.
  • Wear a hard hat or another type of head protection when using the pole saw to keep your head safe from falling branches and objects that may become dislodged during use.

Only cut during the daytime

  • Avoid using the Dewalt DCPS620B Pole Saw at night or in dimly lit areas to ensure maximum visibility and protection from potential hazards like overhead wires, branches or debris.
  • Use caution when cutting high branches since the pole saw can easily become entangled with surrounding vines, trees or other obstacles that may not be visible in low light conditions.
  • Check your equipment before each use to make sure it is in proper working condition and replace any worn parts immediately for best results and safety during use.
  • Always inspect tall trees for loose limbs before beginning a cutting job because these can cause serious injury if they are dislodged during the operation of the pole saw.

Do Not Use Your Pole Saw in Wet Conditions

Avoid using the saw in wet or damp conditions because water and electricity do not mix. Electricity and moisture can be a dangerous combination, so always make sure that all of your equipment is dry before operating any power tools outdoors. Additionally, when working with the pole saw over long periods of time in damp conditions, it’s important to keep your hands dry to prevent slips or drops which may lead to injury.

Never underestimate the importance of prevention – it can save you from serious harm both now and in the future!

Cut one branch at a Time

When using the Dewalt DCPS620B Pole Saw, always cut one branch at a time. This will help you keep track of where you are in your project and reduce the chances of kickbacks or other accidents that may occur when trying to cut multiple branches at once. Additionally, cutting one branch at a time helps ensure that each branch is properly supported and aligned for the best results. Finally, be sure to use an appropriate ladder for reaching higher branches instead of standing on a chair or furniture which can be dangerous when using power tools. For more tips on using pole saws safely, make sure to read up on safety information provided by the manufacturer before starting any project.

Get rid of fallen branches as quickly as is possible

The Dewalt DCPS620B Pole Saw can produce large amounts of debris in a short amount of time, so it’s important to remove these materials from your work area and dispose of them properly. Additionally, proper disposal will help prevent fire danger due to dry leaves or branches that may remain behind after use. Finally, always clean and lubricate the blade after each use with an approved lubricant for best results and extended tool life.

Keep an eye out for signs of Spring

Finally, be sure to keep an eye out for signs of spring. New buds and flowers may appear quickly, so it’s important to look around while cutting and avoid any potential hazards that could cause harm or damage to your equipment.

Always be ready for kickback

Kickback is a common occurrence when using power tools like the Dewalt DCPS620B Pole Saw, so always be prepared for it. Make sure you’re wearing the proper protective gear and hold the pole saw firmly to avoid an accident if kickback occurs. Additionally, keep your hands away from the blade at all times and never attempt to cut branches that are too large or unwieldy. Following these simple safety tips will help you get the most out of your time working. With practice, you can become a pro in no time!

Calling a professional

When in doubt, it is always best to call a professional for help. They have the skills and expertise needed to ensure that your project goes off without a hitch. Additionally, they can provide advice on safety procedures and techniques which will help keep you safe. So, don’t hesitate to reach out for some extra help when you need it – it could save you from an injury!

Calling a professional

By following these simple tips and precautions, you can enjoy all of the benefits of owning and operating a pole saw while remaining safe and protected at all times. Keep in mind that prevention is key when handling power tools like the Dewalt DCPS620B Pole Saw – knowledge is power!

So, take the time to learn about the specific safety guidelines and techniques for this particular pole saw before taking on any projects.

This will help ensure that you get the most out of your experience while remaining safe and injury-free.

How to Use Dewalt DCPS620B Pole Saw?

Using the Dewalt DCPS620B Pole Saw is a great way to quickly and safely trim trees, prune branches, and more. Here’s how you can use it:

  • Before using the pole saw, make sure that it is properly lubricated and securely clamped onto your work surface.
  • Make sure that the saw chain is in good condition and sharpened as needed.
  • Set up your workspace with a ladder or other safety measures if need be so that you can reach the tree or branch you’ll be cutting safely.
  • Hold the pole saw firmly with both hands when operating it – this will help ensure accuracy and stability when working at heights or around awkward angles.
  • Before cutting, make sure that the chain is running freely and isn’t clogged with debris or dust. If necessary, use a brush to clean out any blockages before continuing.
  • Place the saw blade at a 30-degree angle against your desired cut line and begin cutting slowly but steadily for the best results.
  • When finished, switch off the saw and allow it to cool down before stowing away in its secure case.

Factors to Consider When Buying Dewalt DCPS620B Pole Saw

When purchasing a Dewalt DCPS620B pole saw, it is important to consider various factors to ensure you get the best product for your needs. This table compares different indicators that can help you make an informed decision.

Indicator Description
Bar Length The length of the cutting bar, typically measured in inches. A longer bar can cut thicker branches but can also be heavier and more difficult to maneuver.
Weight The weight of the pole saw, including the battery. A lighter weight saw may be easier to handle and maneuver, but may have less power and be less durable.
Battery Voltage The voltage of the battery that powers the pole saw. Higher voltage batteries may provide more power and longer run time, but may also be heavier and more expensive.
Maximum Reach The maximum height the pole saw can reach, including the user’s height. This is important if you need to reach high branches or work on tall trees.
Cutting Capacity The maximum thickness of branches that the pole saw can cut. This is typically measured in inches and can vary depending on the model.
Chain Speed The speed at which the cutting chain rotates. Higher chain speeds may provide faster cutting, but may also require more power and be less safe if not used correctly.
Noise Level The amount of noise the pole saw produces during operation, measured in decibels. A quieter saw may be more pleasant to use and may be required in certain environments.

This table provides a comparison of various indicators to consider when purchasing a Dewalt DCPS620B pole saw. By taking these factors into account, you can make an informed decision that meets your needs and preferences.


How long does a battery last on a pole saw?

The battery life of a pole saw can vary greatly depending on the type of battery, the size and power of the motor, and how often you use it. Generally speaking, cordless electric saws will last anywhere from 30 min to several hours on a single charge. Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries tend to provide more power and longer run times than NiCd or NiMH batteries. Be sure to read your product manual for exact information regarding your particular model.[3]

How do you maintain a pole saw?

To ensure your pole saw remains highly efficient and effective, it is essential to properly maintain it. Some maintenance tasks include regularly checking the chain tension, lubricating the bar and chain with oil, and cleaning out the air filter. If you’re using a cordless saw, ensure to charge the battery when not in use. Additionally, always store your saw in a dry place away from extreme temperatures to preserve its lifespan. Refer to your product manual for specific guidelines.

How thick of a branch can an electric pole saw cut?

Electric pole saws can typically cut branches up to 6″ thick, depending on the model and make. Some higher-end models can cut thicker branches of up to 8 or 10 inches in diameter. If you’re looking for a powerful electric saw that will handle large branches, it’s best to look for one with a high-amperage motor and a sharp chain. Be sure to check manufacturer specifications before purchasing any saw so you know its capabilities. As always, safety should be your number one concern when operating any power tool! [4]

How do you take care of an electric pole saw?

Taking care of an electric saw isn’t hard – like any power tool, it just needs a bit of regular maintenance and cleaning. Here are some tips for making sure your pole saw remains in tip-top condition:

  • Always clean the blade after each use by wiping away dirt and sap residue with a soft rag or brush. This will prevent rusting and other damage to the blade over time.
  • Make sure you oil moving parts like the chain and bar regularly to keep them functioning smoothly. You can also use a lubricant spray if necessary.
  • Store your saw in a safe, dry place when not in use, ideally in its original box or case so that it’s protected from dirt, dust, and moisture.
  • If your pole saw has a battery, make sure to charge it fully before use and keep it charged when not in use so that the battery stays healthy for a longer period of time.
  • Inspect your poles for any signs of damage or wear-and-tear, such as cracks or warping. If you notice anything amiss, replace the part immediately to avoid any safety issues in the future. [5]
  • Taking care of your pole saw doesn’t have to be difficult– just remember to take some basic steps after each use and store it properly when not in use and you’ll have no trouble keeping your tool in top condition!

What is the weight of the Dewalt DCPS620B pole saw?

The Dewalt DCPS620B pole saw weighs approximately 8.44 pounds.

What is the maximum length of the Dewalt DCPS620B pole saw?

The Dewalt DCPS620B pole saw has a maximum length of 8 feet.

What is the battery voltage of the Dewalt DCPS620B pole saw?

The Dewalt DCPS620B pole saw is powered by a 20V MAX* battery.

What is the cutting capacity of the Dewalt DCPS620B pole saw?

The Dewalt DCPS620B pole saw has a cutting capacity of up to 10 inches in diameter.

Is the Dewalt DCPS620B pole saw cordless?

Yes, the Dewalt DCPS620B pole saw is cordless and operates on battery power.

What is the warranty period for the Dewalt DCPS620B pole saw?

The Dewalt DCPS620B pole saw comes with a 3-year limited warranty, 1-year free service contract, and 90-day money-back guarantee.

What is the chain speed of the Dewalt DCPS620B pole saw?

The Dewalt DCPS620B pole saw has a chain speed of 15 feet per second.

Can the Dewalt DCPS620B pole saw be used for professional purposes?

Yes, the Dewalt DCPS620B pole saw is designed for both professional and home use.

Does the Dewalt DCPS620B pole saw come with a battery and charger?

No, the Dewalt DCPS620B pole saw is sold as a bare tool without a battery and charger. These need to be purchased separately.

Can the Dewalt DCPS620B pole saw be used to trim palm trees?

Yes, the Dewalt DCPS620B pole saw can be used to trim palm trees as long as the branches are within its cutting capacity of up to 10 inches in diameter.

What is the reach of the Dewalt DCPS620B pole saw?

The Dewalt DCPS620B pole saw has a reach of up to 15 feet when fully extended.

What is the advantage of using a cordless pole saw like the Dewalt DCPS620B?

The advantage of using a cordless pole saw like the Dewalt DCPS620B is that it is more portable and convenient compared to a corded pole saw. It allows you to work in areas where there is no power outlet available.

What type of oil should be used for the chain lubrication of the Dewalt DCPS620B pole saw?

The Dewalt DCPS620B pole saw requires bar and chain oil for lubrication.

Is it easy to adjust the chain tension on the Dewalt DCPS620B pole saw?

Yes, the Dewalt DCPS620B pole saw features a tool-free chain tensioning system for easy and quick adjustments.

Can the angle of the cutting head be adjusted on the Dewalt DCPS620B pole saw?

Yes, the Dewalt DCPS620B pole saw features a cutting head that can be angled up to 30 degrees for easier and more precise cuts.

Is the Dewalt DCPS620B pole saw compatible with other Dewalt 20V MAX* batteries?

Yes, the Dewalt DCPS620B pole saw is compatible with all Dewalt 20V MAX* batteries, allowing you to use the same battery for other Dewalt tools.

Does the Dewalt DCPS620B pole saw come with a shoulder strap?

No, the Dewalt DCPS620B pole saw does not come with a shoulder strap, but it has a comfortable grip handle for easy maneuvering.

Video Guide: DEWALT 20-Volt XR Brushless 8″ Pole Saw Review DCPS620l


The Dewalt DCPS620B is an excellent tool for anyone looking to make quick work of overgrown branches and foliage. It’s powerful, lightweight, easy to use, and can be easily moved around the property. Plus, it comes with a variety of features that make it great for any job around the home or garden. With its long-lasting battery life and durable design, this pole saw is sure to last you for years to come. Whether you’re cutting down trees or trimming tall hedges, the Dewalt DCPS620B will give you the results you need in no time at all. So if you’re looking for a reliable and dependable pole saw that won’t let you down — then look no further than the Dewalt DCPS620B Pole Saw. You won’t be disappointed.


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