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Greenworks PSPH40B210 Review

The Greenworks PSPH40B210 is a fantastic choice for versatility. A pole saw and hedge trimmer attachments are included in this kit, as well as a battery and charger. The 20″ steel dual-action blade on the hedge trimmer cuts through branches up to 2 inches in diameter. With the long blade, you can easily do bigger tasks.

 Greenworks 40V Features of Greenworks PSPH40B210 :

  • G-max 40V li-ion battery system powers multiple tools for complete yard system–includes 2Ah battery and charger
  • 20-Inch steel dual action blade for optimal performance and durability
  • 77.8 x 4.5 x 8 inches

The 6-foot standard length of the PSPH40B210 may be extended to 8 feet. The reach isn’t as far as other models, but it’s a wonderful choice for homeowners without tall hedges. Long-term usage is assured by the sturdy aluminum pole construction. Even lengthy hours of operation are no problem for those who use this model thanks to the cushioned grip.

Greenworks PSPH40B210 User Manual

Having problem? Download Greenworks PSPH40B210 instructions.

The Greenworks PSPH40B210 pole saw is a reliable and affordable option for homeowners who need to trim back branches or clean up shrubs. The 4-in-1 function makes it easy to adjust from pruning trees to clearing brush, and the auto oiling system ensures that your blade stays sharp during use. 

In this review, experts will answer some common questions people have about the product, as well as provide tips on how you can get the most out of your purchase!


  • Dimensions are 77.8 x 4.5 x 8 inches;
  • Black and green colors;
  • 13 teeth;
  • G-max 40V li-ion battery system;
  • Includes 2Ah battery and charger;
  • 20-Inch steel dual action blade;
  • Weighs 9.57 pounds;
  • Automatic oiler;
  • The cutting capacity is 5/8 inches;
  • The blade length is 20 inches;
  • 2-year warranty;


The Greenworks 40V 8-Inch Cordless Pole Saw with Hedge Trimmer Attachment is a versatile tool. It can be used as a pole saw and a hedge trimmer, in addition to other things.

The tool is a pole pruner that features an 8-inch pole saw blade for pruning and trimming branches. The telescopic pole extends from feet to feet and may be extended up to 8 feet, making it possible to reach high branches with ease. You won’t have to worry about straining or injuring yourself when clipping twigs.

The pole saw features a 20-inch steel dual-action blade that provides excellent performance and is powered by a G-Max 40V Lithium-ion battery system, which includes a 2Ah battery and charger. On a single charge, the battery has a discharge distance of approximately 350 yards. That’s plenty of ground to go without having to worry about recharging in the middle of the task.

It also features an automatic oiler, so you won’t have to worry about the dirty task of oiling the chain and can be certain that it will always be adequately lubricated. The clear oil tank allows you to easily monitor how much oil is remaining and add more when needed, which eliminates the stress of running out of oil while you’re working.

The pole saw includes an easy-to-use chain tensioning mechanism, so you can be confident in the performance of your cut. A 3-piece aluminum shaft with various adjustments is included. Switching between the saw and trimmer is simple; the attachments simply detach and attach to the tool for rapid transition between tasks while in your yard.

Because it doubles as a pole saw and trimmer, you won’t have to worry about buying two separate devices.

You’ll be able to breeze through trimming and pruning with this Greenworks pole saw, which cuts up to 60 times on 4×4 lumber. You won’t have any difficulties removing those oddly positioned branches and limbs thanks to an 8-position pivoting head. This pole saw and trimmer combination is constructed of sturdy yet lightweight material that is easy and pleasant to use for lengthy periods of time.


Pole hedge trimmers with cordless poles do not need to be underpowered. With the 40V lithium-ion battery mounted on this 8-inch pole hedge trimmer, this brand makes it abundantly clear that these pole hedge trimmers are not lacking in power. This cordless pole hedge trimmer provides a lot of heavy-duty force for removing thicker limbs.

While the maximum cutting length of this cordless hedge trimmer is stated to be 6 inches, you may come close to that maximum when trimming. This lightweight version’s fixed cutting head polarized opinions. Some individuals think it helps them hook over twigs and undercut more effectively. Others feel that it feels somewhat restricted.

It should take no more than 50 cuts to connect this cordless hedge trimming pole to a power source for a recharge, which is about half of what you’ve probably anticipated. There’s a switch lock on the handle to keep you from accidentally turning it on. This 40V marvel is well worth considering for clean cuts up to 4 inches and all the benefits of a cordless tool.

Pros & Cons of Greenworks PSPH40B210

  • 2-in-1 tool – pole saw and hedge trimmer;
  • Durable blades;
  • Comfortable grip;
  • Includes a charger and battery;
  • You may buy this model with or without a 40V battery;
  • 50 cuts on a full charge;
  • 8-foot saw with a 5-foot extension;
  • Lightweight;
  • Included adjustable shoulder strap;
  • Compatible with their 40v system;
  • An instant push-button for easy application;
  • Easy-to-adjust chain tensioning system;
  • Automatic oiling system;

  • A little assembly is required;
  • No bar/chain oil is included;
  • It is difficult to pull out the battery;
  • Pricey;
  • May overheat;

The Greenworks PSPH40B210 is a multi-purpose pole saw that makes it easy to maintain bushes and shrubs so you can do several activities with just one gadget.

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